About the people at Ammo in the Dryer

Hi!  My name is Yellow, formerly YellowMice.  OKay well that's not my real name.  But its the name I used when I started this online journey as a cops wife. 
   When I was little my mom had a little porcelain figure of two yellow mice sleeping in a walnut shell. I remember as a kid I would tuck them into bed when it was my bed time. This little figure was on my desk when I joined my first online cops wife community, NPWA.  I think it was just called Police Wives Association when I joined. I could be wrong. But the name has stayed with me. 

I am married to T-rex, almost 13 years now! 
We have three daughters. Lilly is 12, Dino is 11, and Rae is 8.  Life is fun and busy! 
I am 31, a leo, I like long walks.  .Okay no I don't!  I am lazy and I love it!  I like things such as Hulu and Facebook! 
T-Rex has been in law Enforcement for 11 years now.  But is just a Rookie on the road. 

I also live in a yellow house.
I like the guest room better than my room
I don't know how to cook well
I do know how to make bread in the bread maker, and I do that rather than buy bread.
I like to scrapbook, but I am not good at it.  I can't cut straight, even with a cutter thing!
I love to read, and am always reading at lest one book
I have an associates.
I am getting my bachelors in Sociology.  I have no clue what I am going to be when I grow up
I have  two bachelors (Sociology and History)
I want to get my Masters
I grew up quickly after turning 18. Got married, had a kid, moved hours away.
I cannot spell (Notice From Spell checker:  Only knows real languages.  Go back to second grade!)
I still have my teddy bear from when I was a kid, and my blanket.
I can sleep all day, and read all night (no party for me)
I learned how to be sarcastic from my Mom, and stubborn or argumentative from my Dad
To this day my Dad makes me afraid I will be grounded.
My Dad is a great man
My Mom is my best friend
I need more friends :)  hahaha love you mom!
Lilly loves dance, Rae does too.
Dino is very competitive, has to learn something new,and has to win.  She likes TaeKwonDo.

Well there you have it. A lot of random facts and such about me and my family.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or the guilty.  I am off to find who put bread in the DVD player.