Ammo in the Dryer: Stories

T-rex recently read my writings. He says they are not all true. And although he is partly right he is also very wrong. Not every word is fact, but it is all true. I have clearly changed names. What parent names their child T-rex? (If it was your parent, I am sorry, if you were the parent then I just don’t know what to say to that) But some dates and the order of things may be a little mixed up too.

You see I am not a fact teller, I am a story teller. I tell stories. All the stories in here are based very closely on true things that happened in my life. I try to get as close to the facts as I can. If I were to get any closer I would be called a historian, and that my dear readers is not what I am. Things are exaggerated, not as big as your fishing story I assure you, but they are as my mind recalls them.

I think T-rex worries about all the little facts because it’s his job too worry about the facts. The little details can make or break a case in his work. For me the little details can be forgotten, made bigger, or changed without changing the story.

If you think what I am writing is not true then you are wrong, it is true, it is just not 100% factual. This is my life. This is what I have dealt with as a police wife, a mother, and just as me. So if it was a Tuesday not a Wednesday who cares? She said “have a good day” not “go away.” Well I add for tone of voice which you may not have gotten. The message of the story is always the same. Some want just the facts, mostly the cop type of people out there who have to have everything all nice in little boxes of facts. I respect that. But I am a story teller.