Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh What? I have a blog?

So, I have been out of things for a little.  How about a recap of the last few weeks and I will write more when I really have time:

1.       I kissed Mighty Mouse

2.       I did okay with Thanksgiving!

3.       T-rex has had way too much vacation this year

4.       I applied to Grad school, then changed my mind and am applying to get a second BA in History so I can teach high school kids.  . .I was sober when making this choice!!

5.       I have thought of starting another blog so I can give my political rants . . . but changed my mind because as we can see I don’t keep up here enough.

6.       I went a little crazy on another driver

7.       And I graduate mid December!  I am going to have an “I am not going to stand in line at graduation graduation party. “

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some times I feel old . . .But not all the time.

When married to a cop you are really married to man of 3 ages.

Your husband is 10, 17, and 71 all at the same time

The 10 year old says things like “Look its shinny!” and “I want a bigger one!”

The 17 year old says things like “I get to carry a gun” and “I love to drive fast!!”

The 71 year old says things like “Get off my grass!” and “Stop driving so fast!”

As I am not 10, 17, or 71 this could become an issue.  When I am 33 things might even out.  I can hope, until then just knowing what age he is at the moment will help. Here are some things to help you during the age changes your cop will make during the day

When he is 10: “Turn of the games and get your work done!”

When he is acting 17: “No, you cannot go out and party tonight!”

And when he is 71 there is not much hope as he doesn’t really have a hearing aid yet he will not listen to you.