Saturday, June 3, 2017

Top 10 Things to do when the Cop is working nights.

1. Take a nap! 
2. Do most of the house work, but don't do
    A.   The Dishes
    B.   Vacuum
    C.   The laundry
    D.   Listen to music as you clean
3. Read a book (although if you have kids or pets this will never really get done)
4.  Work out - again no music going
5. Watch TV - just not the show you watch together
6.  Take another nap
7.   Start a blog (why not?!)
8.   Stay up way too late!
9.  Get a random yet quite hobby
10.  Just take a nap!

So yeah I tend to flip over more than I should to nights when it is summer vacation, it makes it hard to function with kids, but it is so hard to stay motivated when T-rex is asleep.

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