Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My melt down

Yeah about that, sorry.  The stress of college and T-rex changing hours really must have gotten to me. Oh who cares!  The point is I ended up with an A not a D on that paper I was stressing out about, so I feel like a dork.  Moving on. .  .

About T-rex and the motorcycle club!  He joined as soon as he got a bike; it was something he wanted to do long before he even got the bike.  Oh and he got a Harley. . which I love. .. . and I am not a bike person. Oh I really love the Harley!

Okay anyway, the club info right?? http://www.expendablesmc.org/ look em up on face book too, you will likely find a chapter in your state, if not start one!  T-rex started the chapter in our state, and already has the 4 needed for a chapter.  I guess I need to get “old lady” patches.  But I will punch anyone who calls me an old lady.. ..You have been warned.

Maybe I will get T-rex to write about the club soon. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

3:00 Am

So it is way too early, and I have not gotten any sleep yet.  Why you ask?  Okay you didn’t really ask, but I am going to tell you anyway. I have NO CLUE!
But, when it gets so early like this and I can’t even think right I start to think crazy things.
Like T-rex joined a motorcycle club for Law enforcement.  And I still can’t get over how strange that is. I will fill you in when I can think!
Or how I am still not doing well in History and I really wonder if I am cut out for this, but it is still all I want to do. Maybe it is just the stress that is getting to me and things really will not be that bad.  Or maybe I really do stink and I should give up and run for some political office, they never seem good at anything.

So I am sitting here feeling all sorry for myself and my bad grades before the class has even had a chance to end week one. I thought I would write some smart list of things I am “good” at, such as run on sentences; but then I thought I would write a list of things I really am good at, but after 10 minutes of nothing coming to mind I realized that we have created a society where good is not good enough. I am good at cooking pancakes, but no pro so I dare not list that. I am good at writing (past a 5th grade level) but no novel writer, so I cannot post that. I am good at understanding sociology and psychology but I am not a professional in that field so I cannot really list that either. We don’t give ourselves credit for the things we are good at; we only count it if we are like rock-star good.
I might not be good at this whole history thing. I might have to work extra hard at figuring out what my teachers want, if they even know! But I know I am good at teaching, I know that I am good at knowing what I want to do. So it stinks, and I am likely to whine a lot more about bad grades and mean teachers, but I am going to keep going…….. As soon as I get back from my ride.

Friday, March 9, 2012

School work and time with DH.

So, it’s like this, I stink at grammar, spelling, and general sentence construction. The really sad thing is I type like I write.  ..  .so I might, maybe sound like an idiot.  At least that is the impression I get from my history teacher.  Hey, it is better than turning in my papers in 10 codes!
   This session’s classes are coming to an end. And I feel like I can breathe.  I still have a few things to do, but I made it to the end!  If I can pass these classes I will be very happy.

With all the work I have been doing and DH switching shifts this last week things have been a little crazy.  He got a motorcycle, and at first I thought it was dumb . . . but I love it!! I love going out with him and just getting away from all the stress.  I think I might want to learn how drive myself. Then I realize that I can’t even drive a car really well. 

With his change in hours, and the kids’ school and activities we have gotten to spend some more time together, and even went to the store alone!!  I don’t think we will do that much more.  There is the worst Badge bunny ever at the store!  I don’t usually get annoyed with people checking DH out, or even a little dorky smile is no big deal . . . but full blown flirting with my husband when I am right there!!  Oh this B.B. got on my nerves.

I found this cute little thing from  http://www.leelofland.com/wordpress/a-cops-world-getting-the-facts-straight/nice site too J