Thursday, April 28, 2011

The ME time?!

I am in need of some me time. Sure T-rex is the best at giving me a girls night out, and we do try to get out and date sometimes (like once every 6 months!). But what I really need is ME time! Time away from the kids, away from school, in my own home just me for just a few minutes. I need a day with no stress of pleasing everyone, dealing with whiney kids and maybe even a chance to run around the house blasting my R rated music.

I feel mad sometimes, I know T-rex’s job can be very busy, but I also know that he can about once a week take an hour long drive just him, his truck, and his music. Sure he has to be ready to go at any moment, and when it rains it pours in Law Enforcement.

I thought my job would be the place to get out of the house, get away from the kids, the dishes, and the constant job of being a mom. Yet it too has seemed to cause some more issues. Court dates, and training, and working my hours around T-rex’s. It gets to be too much work just to go to work. And I cannot say I truly love the work I do. I don’t know anyone who really has a passion for fast food. Don’t get me wrong, I like the job well enough. Just not what I see myself doing in a year you know.

Maybe it is his strange hours, or maybe it is just the life of a mother with young children at home. But right now I want to run away! How do you guys and gals balance everything? Mostly how do you balance the right after school chaos that has to happen every day at 3:45?! Getting the house put back together, cooking, snack time, and homework stress, 3 girls whining, a husband calling, and about 5 questions to answer every minute, most of the questions are repeats. If things don’t get better 3:45 is going to be known as mommy meltdown time!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chocolate bunnies and pink eggs

What a strange way to celebrate a man coming back from the dead. But, those are thoughts for another day.

Yesterday the kids had the community Easter egg hunt. They did great and have a blast.

Rae was so cute. At only 3 years old she is already learning to play nice. It was a great change from last year. Not that my child was a mean nasty one, but gosh some parents get far too competitive. When it was time to run around the park and get eggs Rae ran out (after I told her too) And went right to a big pink egg, then she smiled at me and . . . . . nothing. I smiled and laughed. It was great. She ran around and got a few more eggs, left some for the other kids and moved on. She was polite and nice. Until another girl and Rae spied the same egg at the same time. Rae ran out and got it first, which would have been great and fine, until Rae gave this nasty “I won” look to the other girl. I made Rae give the other the egg. She didn’t want to look for eggs after that. I felt so bad. T-rex said I should let her win sometimes too. I just didn’t like the nasty look.

All the girls did very well. Dino made me smile when she saw a boy from her class and gave him an egg.

And today, the big Easter Day, T-rex works. Well he worked yesterday too. He works everyday that I want to do something. I guess that is that nature of the job, or some other “just deal with it” saying.

But it stinks when I am trying to get dinner for everyone, I mean EVERYONE! My mom, dad, sisters, their children (one each a boy and girl only a few days apart!!! So cute!!) oh and my sisters husbands all come over for a big family meal, and it was GREAT! Only my husband is missing. Then he calls “I will be late, something came up.” Then he does get here, about the time everyone is ready to go home. He did get to watch the kids look for their eggs, and he got to eat some food and it was great. Everyone went home and I thought I would have a moment to talk with him. But the moment he gets his drink he hears something over the radio and he starts to RUN out the door.

I don’t want to put cops down or anything, but he is more likely to run for coffee than anything else. So I know this has to be big, and my Easter Day is over.

I don’t usually feel like the black sheep (okay most of the time in my family I do, but eh lets go with this) But seeing my sisters with their husbands, and my parents together made me feel left out. You would think I would be used to this by now! Yet it really bugged me yesterday when we got together at my sister’s house and I was going crazy with my three children. Maybe because this is the first big holiday where my youngest sister had her husband with her and I didn’t have mine, although her husband has been there before he wasn’t her husband then. . . Oh I can go into all kinds of psychological thinking here but basically it stunk.

Then today when we were at my house and T-rex had the chance to show up, I was still alone. I guess that also was a pain. I mean it is great that he can, maybe, might, be able to stop in for a bite to eat. Yet, it also stinks more when he can’t now. At least when he was in the jail I knew to never hope he could stop by. . . sometimes emotionally I think that is better. But then again I love seeing him.  Who else could I share a chocolate bunny with?

Monday, April 18, 2011

We had a cop’s Birthday. . .

With doughnut cake and all! Well, not really but it was cake, with glaze and it was shaped like a very big doughnut. Lilly said we had to get it for him, so we did.

Fire codes prevented us from putting up the bonfire that would have been the candles on the cake.

Gifts were less cop like than years before. They included a screwdriver set, a tool box with a lock (Yes I got the lock too, the kids will never hammer my TV again!), and a fancy knife made out of some bone and some old saw blades or something. He also got to go golf with his cop guys. He said he did not do so well at the golf thing, I said it’s okay because he doesn’t need to hit balls with a stick any time in real life.

Tonight T-rex is going to the midnight release for Mortal Combat. Yep he is going to the town over to sit at the mall with a bunch of teenage boys acting all silly so he can get a game where the whole point is to kill the other person in a “cool bloody” way. Sounds like a great Birth Day for a cop to me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh look at that. . .

So, T-rex and I are on vacation (or were because I wouldn’t post that we ARE gone when we are gone, because that is just not too smart). It is great out in Oklahoma where we are. I love the air, the trees, and the water! Everything out here is so nice. But I have noticed that there are a few big differences in T-tex and I.

Driving the million hours to get here was a pain to say the least. Maybe it was more for me because I was just a passenger? I don’t know. I do know that about 3 hours into it I was ready to pass out. But before I could close my eyes and fall into dream land T-rex points out the window and laughs “do you see that?” my questioning look was meet with “that cow is pooping!”

Yes, um, how do you respond to that? My biggest question was how could he spot the one cow out of a hundred taking a dump? How could he see this going 70 miles an hour down the road and still keep us on the road?!

And that is where the cop in him came out and we had to have the cop driving talk again. He says stuff about his training and he is a good driver, and I could just relax. But I think I got him this time! Although he is trained to be a great driver or to cop drive which is code for drive like an idiot! I was not trained to deal with him driving like a cop (idiot). Maybe now he will drive more like a normal person and stop trying to take turns at full speed. I don’t think so but it is worth the effort.

We made it to our location just fine. It is great out here the water is just feet away. I can sit at the back porch and look over to see the fish jump. I love it. I told T-rex this is the kind of place where I would write a book, or read a book and drink coffee on the steps. It is so peaceful. He said “this is the kind of place where I would need a GHR 9,000 with bird killing ammo and a flashlight, and a laser! (Okay I may have added to that, but that is about what he said).

I see nice water, great trees, and fresh air. T-rex sees snacks, robbers, and other threats (that may or may not be real). So even though he has put the cop in him away for vacation, he still has a lot of cop in him. Or maybe it is just a case of boys and their toys? No matter I give up.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tell me!!!

I really want to know

If you are a cop what details do you share with your wife? If you are a wife of a cop what details does your husband share? Do you get to hear about all the calls, or do you get no information at all?

I think it is a good for cops to be able to share the big calls, the stuff that has gotten to them. Things like when T-rex dealt with his first dead body, we talked about that a lot. But then there are things I don’t get to hear about at all. Truly I think T-rex shares a little more with me than some of the other guys on his department. Yet in a small town that it is a good thing I don’t know it all. I am sure it would get me into some kind of trouble to know this and the gossip starts to go around.

But because T-rex doesn’t share that much with me I don’t have a lot to write about here! No it is more than that, his job sometimes seems like a mystery to me. I mean we do talk about his day it goes something like this:

Me: How was work?

T-tex: Great, I pulled someone over for almost 20 over, he was not happy with the ticket.

Me: Wow that is fast!

T-rex: Guy acted like he was going to fight it, I wish I had my (insert some cop term) on with me.

Me: Um yeah

T-rex: then I could have had voice on the recording

Me: Oh, anything else go on at work?

T-rex: I got a call out to (small town) some crazy stuff in that town!

Me: Oh really?

T-rex: Yeah I got a call to go out there because some kid wanted to run away from home. He just called.

Me: oh

Yeah see you now know nothing too! But then again that might be a whole lot to some other people. It is so different from the academy where he would tell me everything he learned, and everything he was doing. Now I get short little bites. What is really bad is when the gossip people get more information than I do! I have to run home and ask T-rex if what sally talks a lot says is true, sometimes it is!

So I want to know how much information do you give out or get?

Monday, April 4, 2011

So. . .yeah

Well, I have not written much. But that is how police life and well life goes in a small town. Nothing happens for weeks, months, or longer, then all at once life takes a big dump on ya. Then when the Dump happens there is no time to write, let alone think things out. You just jump on auto and go with it.

T-rex has been busy working for the county and the city. He just changed shift to the middle one. I think I like this shift the most, at least I feel like I get to see him some, and I don’t have to go to bed at 9! He hates it.

The other day he was working the city, county guys called him out. So he was the city guy going out to deal with some county business. I worry that he should not do that. He says he was needed and that is the end of that. I love him for that.

The kids are doing great at school. They got their report cards. Dino talks too much in school. Lilly has improved in some areas and went down in others, but staying strong and passing everything.

Rae got into the good preschool! She will go next year. For me this is a big thing, there are only three preschools to pick from in this town, one is Head Start, and no matter how great the program is it is not a great place to go in a small town.

I am thinking of starting a “support group” or something of the kind like NPWA locally here in town. I just have yet to have the time to really sit down and plan it all out. Maybe after we get back from vacation.

Oh yes! We are going on vacation! T-rex took some time off and we are going to go down and see his grandparents in the next few weeks. It is going to be so nice to get out of town. I don’t think we have gone on a vacation for a few years. I know we have not gone since T-rex has been back from the academy.

To think he has only been on the road for 5 months, it sure feels a lot longer than that. Maybe all the years in the jail have helped. This just seems like life now, and maybe that is why I don’t have a lot to write about.