Thursday, October 28, 2010

When a family drive turns into work. . . . .

Maybe the city readers will not fully understand the Sunday drive. Some might even ask why a person would willingly get into a car to drive around with no goal in mind for a few hours. Well . . .I don’t really know much myself. We just do it!

As a kid my parents would take us for a Sunday drive, although, not always on Sunday. The goal was to get out, look, and see new things. As a teenager the “main drag” was Main Street of my small town. I do know of people driving like that to get out of the city for a few hours . . . so maybe it’s not that strange.

Anyway, T-rex and I will go for a drive every now and again when he is off, and there is nothing to do. The protests of Lilly, Dino, and Rae never last too long. They love the hills and the dirt roads (something I HATE), and this time of year the trees are so pretty. I love looking at the old farm houses, and seeing the little towns made up of a few blocks.

With T-rex working the whole county our drives have started to turn into work. He wants to take us to some place he found when at work, only to miss the turn, and we end up lost. Only he says we are not lost! The little town he wants to find is not even on the GPS! Yes this is how sad it is. Hours of driving soon take a toll on all of us, but T-rex is determined to find what he is looking for . . . which literally is a house in a mountain of hay!

Good comes out the trips, for he now knows where some small farmer diner is. The food was great, the old famers who came in got a kick out of the girls, and the little gifts were just what I was looking for. Maybe this country life will not be so bad. He is getting to learn more about the whole community, and I am getting to find some rare treats that one cannot find in the city or even in town for that matter.

Just today he came running home with some meat from a small country butcher. The sausage and bacon tastes so much better than the super markets. I just look forward to the day when the Sunday drive is less work! I want to drive around so we can drive again not so T-rex can learn the county. Then again, I don’t know if he will ever be totally off duty anymore. I wonder if that is just a cop thing; to always have part of the mind in cop mode. I guess I can learn to live with it if he keeps bringing home the bacon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I don’t call T-rex anymore.

When T-rex was in the Jail I could call him just about any time I liked. I would easily spend 30 minutes at night on the phone with him. Or I could call just to tell him that the pie I made was really good. Anything I wanted I could call about. It was very nice to know that most of the time he could talk, and in the few minutes when he could not talk he would just say “I am busy, call you soon.” And he would call me back!

Well now he is on the road and I fear he is always busy. I have not called much, but when there was a lot I wanted to tell him I went ahead and called, I always figured he could just let it ring if he was really busy, or tell me he was busy. A Frisian Holstein cow in the Netherlands: Int...Image via Wikipedia

T-rex: “hey”

Me: “Are you busy?”

T-rex: “Yeah I am booking in a cow”

Me: “Um. . . . .okay, call me when you are not busy?”

                                            T-rex: “Okay”

Now he was kind of out of breath, talking fast, and I was on the cell phone, so I was not really sure what he said. But it really really sounded like he said he was booking in a cow. My mind went wild! Why would someone book in a cow? I could picture how big the cell would need to be for a cow, hay on the floor, and a water thing. I wondered what crime the cow could have committed. T-rex helped clear that up when he got home.

T-rex: “No, I said we were putting in a cow! You don’t listen really well, why would I book in a cow. . . . . Unless, it started a beef with us!”

I nearly died! I am sure it is corny, but it was funny!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Velcro. . and more Velcro

The longest HOW to ever.

I am going to have to have T-rex write this one. I don’t know all the little details.

I know that it starts with a lot of Velcro. For all I know there is not much else to it.

Velcro loops.Image via Wikipedia
How to get dressed like a cop:

1. Velcro

2. Velcro

3. Velcro

4. Velcro

5. Velcro

6. Velcro

7. Velcro

8. Velcro

9. Shirt

10. Pants

11. Velcro

12. Velcro

13. Velcro

14. Velcro

15. Velcro

16. Velcro

17. Velcro

18. Velcro

19. Belt keepers

20. Boots, with Velcro

21. Hat with Velcro

22. More stuff for a belt, some of it Velcro.

23. Badge, where you still manage to poke yourself, even though there is so much Velcro to keep you “safe”

How do I know about all this Velcro? Well it is what wakes me up at 5 am, the sound of Velcro going veeer sheeeeer. A million times over and over again.

I know he looks cute in his uniform, but it is one of those things where if you know how it is done it losses all its appeal. If the getting dress is not enough to turn someone off then getting out of a uniform, which is just as bad and twice as smelly will surly kill any mood left.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why cops don’t take vacation

Their wives might kill them!

T-rex took a week vacation when he got home from the academy. It was actually a little longer than a week. It was very nice to have him home, and also very stressful. Don’t get me wrong being away from each other for so long did make it really nice to have him around. But at the same time he just got in the way a lot more. He does not pick up the way we do, there are more dishes, more laundry, more people to shower, and I think I just get so busy being with him that I never do get house work done.

It took a few days but I think in the end we found a pattern that works for us. Sadly that was near his last days home. Now he is back at work and we have to readjust to that again. First thing the kids asked when I got them up for school, a job that was T-rexs, was “where is daddy?” When I told them he was at work they got very sad thinking he was not going to be home again for a long time. I had to remind them that he would be home for dinner.

I hope he is having a great time at work. I know I am happy he is back at work; I might get more done around the house! And it is also nice to see him all dressed up in uniform! I still get giddy when he puts on his belt, and his badge. I am sure that will go away with time, but until then I am going to enjoy seeing him go to work .. . . for so many reasons.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The mean things they do. . .

About a year ago T-rex was working in the Jail. He was able to call me all the time, so it was no big deal to see his cell phone call mine. I would pick up and just chat away about my day. So he called one day. . or rather HIS phone called mine.

His phone: “Hey, whatcha wearing?”

Me: “Um, clothes, duh.”

His Phone: “Oh.”

Me: “yeah, the kids got into flour today, and I am trying to get homework done.”

His Phone: “Um, okay”

Me: “So, I will let you go, Love you bye”

His Phone: “Um okay Bye.”

It was not until I hung up that I realized that was not T-rex. T-rex did call back right away.

T-rex: “So you love Mighty Mouse?!”

Me: “You little . .. I thought that was you! OMG he asked what I was wearing!”

T-rex: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah! You said you love him!”

All I can say is I am happy I did not have to see Mighty Mouse for a few weeks! Although he did not let me forget! I was reminded of my love again when I had to go up to the office for something. And the fact that I wear clothes still seems to be a point to laugh about.

Well, we are going in the right direction . .. I think. . .

T-rex had the last of his training thing stuff today. He was doing some kind of paintball exercise thing, where they act out “hot calls” or something, and he shoots or gets shot or ya know. Sounds just like a lot of playing around if you ask me! He used to love paintball so I don’t see how this counts as work, even though he says he works so hard at training. (Insert sarcastic laugh here)

We had talked about how he is not to call to tell me he “Got dead” any more. Well I don’t think our last conversation was really that much better, but at least he didn’t “get dead”

T-rex: “Hey babe, I didn’t get dead today!”

Me: “Oh that’s good! What happened?”

T-rex: “Well I shot 3 suspects, total of 4 kills.”

Me: “Oh that’s good. . . hang on you killed 4 people but only 3 suspects?”

T-rex: “Well yeah. . . . .. I didn’t shoot first . .I don’t think. . . I am pretty sure. . . “

Me: “So you killed a bystander or something?”

T-rex: “Well kind of. We got a call that there was a man with a gun at this place, and when we get there this guy comes running at us yelling, he was hysterical! So I think I shot because the other guys on my team shot. But I know I was the only one to shot twice. . . I put him out of his misery (which with paintballs really means T-rex caused him more pain!). But I think I just shot because the other guys were, kind of made me jumpy. But now I know.

Me: “um. I guess I should be happy you didn’t get shot, but that is what we would call a bad shot hun.”

T-rex: “Hey consider it public education! Now people know they should not come running and yelling at cops!”

Me: “Um, I better get lunch ready”

Well hey, this is training and this is what it’s for! I am happy he didn’t get shot so he is working on that! I also know that a lot of the other teams did the same thing, or got killed themselves. So I try to keep that in mind, I also try and remember that I would have died the first time out! They make some of the training where you have to mess up. One of the things he did MADE him get into a car crash; the computer would not let him avoid it. I wonder if he didn’t shot the guy if they would have made him the bad guy. So sometimes there is just no winning. A big part of me can’t help but feel happy he didn’t get shot. . Better the other guy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It’s not that hard!

This weekend I wanted to sleep in. I think getting up with the kids every day Monday through Friday has earned me the right to sleep in every now and again. Even if T-rex will disagree.

I think he has a mission to make me pay every time I have him get the girls ready. Now I understand that they are girls and guys are typically not the hair expert they need. However, I don’t think getting them dressed should be this hard!

I made the mistake of telling T-rex he can get them dressed in “whatever”. I know all the moms out there are laughing their butts off at me right now. I have learned my lesson!

Lilly~ Pink, bright pink sweat pants. Matching Pink, well a different shade of just as bright pink, baby doll long sleeved, shirt. No shoes, no socks, hair a mess.

Dino~ Black sweat pants. Brand new long sleeved school shirt. (did not go together that shirt needed jeans, fact sweats go with nothing but her TKD clothes) No shoes, no socks, hair standing up.

Rae~ Pants a size to small, last year’s long sleeved shirt (you know the one with the big stain on it, that is kept for play clothes, which would be the weekend only we had places to go this weekend!) no shoes, no socks, a knot in the hair so big I really think a bird was making a nest.

I know this may not sound so bad to some of the guys out there. . but it looked really bad. So here are a few pointers. .

First PINK AND BRIGHTER PINK Do not make an outfit not matter how much the 6 year old tries to tell you it does. Pink marshmallow is not attractive on anyone ever!

Shirts with the tag still on them should be left alone, it above your pay grade!

Pants should not show 2 inches of leg.

Stains are okay for play clothes on weekends ONLY when we are not going out.

Socks are required for tennis shoes.

Combs have teeth, yes it is true, but they don’t bite! Use one. Pulling hair up maybe above you but brushing it should not be.

But I have learned my lesson . . . Before I have “vacation” I will set cloths out, just stick to what I say, and don’t let the kids fool you into thinking red spandex and green sweaters work.