Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 things I have learned this year:

1.       Sitting on a house does not require a ladder.

2.       Badge bunnies fall into one of three groups

a.       Stupid

b.      Young and stupid

c.       Creepy

3.       If you say “I hope you are not late tonight” or in any other way refer to your husband being late, he will be late.

4.       College is a total pain, but so worth it

5.       A strong support group is needed when life turns crummy.

6.       The general public does not understand anything about police work

7.       Friends will defriend you for defending the police. (say that 3 times fast)

8.       Your first date of the year is likely to get interrupted by a tornado, or criminal

9.       When your husband starts to talk to a random guy and you have to question if it’s a fellow cop or ex-criminal it could go either way.

10.   Spanish is hard, as it is one thing I didn’t learn this year that I should have.


Meadowlark said...

#7 has me confused. Perhaps it's your use of the term "friends". Friends will never defriend you. Useless, wastes of skin will... and of course, people like that shouldn't be in our lives anyway. Always best to lose the excess crap early on.

Wishing you peace!

Yellow said...

Meadowlark! Oh you are so very right! I have to say in this case I wasn't at all sad to see the defriending . . .just sad that the person will never understand.

SCW Stella said...

Can't say enough about #6!!! Amen. Again!
:) SCW Stella