Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh What? I have a blog?

So, I have been out of things for a little.  How about a recap of the last few weeks and I will write more when I really have time:

1.       I kissed Mighty Mouse

2.       I did okay with Thanksgiving!

3.       T-rex has had way too much vacation this year

4.       I applied to Grad school, then changed my mind and am applying to get a second BA in History so I can teach high school kids.  . .I was sober when making this choice!!

5.       I have thought of starting another blog so I can give my political rants . . . but changed my mind because as we can see I don’t keep up here enough.

6.       I went a little crazy on another driver

7.       And I graduate mid December!  I am going to have an “I am not going to stand in line at graduation graduation party. “


Slamdunk said...

Congrats on finishing and starting a second degree. That sounds like a challenge.

Meadowlark said...

How did I miss the history thing? I've been cheerily working away at a degree since the late 80s... always changing focus so that I have to continue (snicker... the husband still hasn't caught on!)... am thinking History. The last few classes have been a passionate, argumentative, illuminating experience. Although I would rather teach in the online realm or community ed level. Not a fan of high school kids ;)

Wishing you peace... I'll keep an eye out for history posts!!!!