Friday, August 10, 2012

Sometimes I am crazy . . . Other times I am nuts

Today was one of those perfect days where the weather I great and the air I fresh, then the kids got up.

Actually it wasn’t that bad today. The kids were okay, but I had too much peace when they were asleep. It gave me time to think, and yet I sit down to write it and I cannot remember anything but how I need to clean the playroom.

Yesterday my mom and I had like an hour long conversation on the benefits of rose flavored fragranced Toilet paper.

Last week I saw the old doctor across the way bring the old lady next door some cookies or something. It was a cute moment.

Today UPS dropped off my third history book for my next classes.  This is the THIRD book and it’s bigger than my bible.

With the Olympics going on I think I can do some of that . . . so I started to work out. It lasted two day, I have a blister.

I am doing my history paper on the Panama Canal.  It is due next week, I haven’t started.

T-rex is on nights. Nothing about that . . . other than it explains some of the crazy.

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