Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have never really had much to say about gun laws. I usually feel inadequate expressing sorrow for a tragic event such as what happened in the elementary school today. But over the last several hours I have been able to look at the events and my own life, like we all have. For the first time in years I cried for children I did not even know, but I cried for my own also. My children are the same ages as the children in that school, something not unique to me. My children could have been there. It is easy to put myself in the shoes of the parents who lost a child today, or a parent who was so blessed to bring their child home. The trauma all the children now face is beyond my ability to understand. There is a fake news site (one that I personally cannot stand) that posted an article about the events, they put into worlds quite well what I think most people are feeling right now “Fuck this shit I can’t fucking deal with it!”  Yep. That really is all we can say right now. The best thing I have ever been told when I was facing a loss of my own was “Well, This suck!”  Because it does, but nothing anyone says or does will undo what was done.  I don’t think this is the time to start the argument over “more guns or less guns” “more God, or more tolerance, and understanding” Truth be told, I wanted more guns in the RIGHT hands and less guns in the criminal hands.  I prayed and I cannot understand or tolerate what happened.

But because the topic of Gun control, and such has come up it has be on my mind today as well. I don’t think we as a nation can make an emotional choice on this topic, and I know we are highly charged emotionally. When looking at the data, the understanding of good and evil, the mindset of people, teachers, cops, and others there is no simple solution to this problem we have.  Here is what I know: Gun crimes kill more people when the good guys don’t have a way to protect themselves. Every choice we make has the potential to snowball into dire states. Let us say we unarm all of America, Crime WILL go up, the government WILL become too powerful, Innocent people WILL die, more children WILL die.  Do not be like the Jews and say “That cannot happen!”  Because it can, it has, and it WILL again if we let it.

Let us say we take the other extreme and arm the teachers and school staff. Let’s start out with just one armed officer at each and every school. Things will take time, but the schools WILL become a prison, the students will be taught by the military (not called the military clearly!)  But order WILL be held at all times, with an armed guard. Our governments WILL dictate more and more of what a student can and cannot do, learn, and think, and before we know it our nation will be enslaved by propaganda.

So what is the solution?  Go back to homeschooling?  No, there are cases that show that is no safer.  Embrace the arming of everyone?  Maybe?  Unarm everyone? (I want a fighting chance against my enslavement thank you very much!) No.  The simple truth is that there is NO solution. Good and evil will always fight for balance. There will always be sick unhealthy people out there. And the sad truth is that this SUCKS, but there is nothing that can be done to stop it.  What we can do is the best we can do to keep ourselves safe, our children safe, and understand that life really does just suck at times. Raise YOUR children the best you can, love strong, forgive always.