Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Staying Fit on the Night Shift

Okay, really this could be just a motivational thing for ME!  I am not fit, and I am not on the night shift.

Finding time to workout can be hard when life is so busy!

We all see the ads for different workout programs, and the truth is I love some of them!  I have joined some groups, started new things, some have helped some not so much.

What has really helped, and I know you have heard it before is to make working out a priority.

But that really makes me sad when I only have 30 minutes on average with T-rex any given week.

So, we try to work out together. .  ..I say try, because we have vastly different ideas of what working out should be.

Me: I just walked 5 minutes!  Time for a drink!

T-rex:  Yeah, No, You should lift some weights

Me: You should do cardio

T-rex:  I do!  I lift weights fast!

Me:  Yeah, No. You should walk with me

T-rex: some grunt that we can't understand

35 minutes later T-rex is done with his workout and smelling like a gym sock.  I have spent the last 30 minutes watching cat videos on YouTube. But I did find some good stuff on the YouTube spiral that happens, More marriage advice :)

Fyi:  Working out also helps in this area :)

More on this next week, but for now, watch the Video!!

How to have a God solid Marriage (Sex)

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