Sunday, September 25, 2016

Too much to do!

One of the down sides of being married to a cop is that it often seems like  I am the only one to do anything around the house.  Several books talk about the cops inability to make decisions at home because they make split second decisions all day long! Well, I am a teacher, and  I answer questions ALL DAY LONG!  I too am incapable of deciding what is for dinner, don't ask me!

So what do we do?

Make the list!

T-rex and I spend a good part of our time together planing.  So you know, like the total of 5 minutes we have together!

T-rex:  What's the plan this week?

Me:  Huh? Is that a question?  DON'T ask questions.

T-rex:  I have Wednesday off. . . .

Me: Fine, we will go shopping that day.

T-rex:  Like a date?

Me:  That is a sad date   *googles grocery lists*

We have mastered the quick communication!  Date night is important, but often does combine some chore.  No matter, it is time alone, and the drive to town is our time to reconnect.  We talk about everything, work, kids, dreams, goals, people that tick us off, and plans to take over the world.

I also suggest getting a home binder to keep everything in order. Anything would work!  I have really liked this one from Amazon, but before that we just used a spiral notebook with lists, and notes to each other.  We kept it on the kitchen counter and checked it as we got ready for our day. . . . no matter what time that was.

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