Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Crochet and life lessons

    Do you see this wonderful even stitching?  Yeah, it looks great. I can feel proud of it even though it is not done yet.  But it wasn't always this way. When I first learned how to crochet a girl at school had brought in some stuff and taught us how to do a chain. It was all the rage (4th grade girls are a little dumb)! I loved it and had chains going for miles. But at first that was all I could do. 
    Over time I wanted to make something more, and with the little money and even less yarn around I had to take apart my chains, tie them together and learn how to make the chains stick together. My first several attempts were total crap. Over time I got I got better and soon I learned how to make this thing, well kind of. The stitches were not even, and the whole thing kept getting smaller and smaller until it was a pyramid type potholder. But I did it, sort of. 
    Soon I learned how to keep the ends from shrinking, and the with even more scraps I was able to get the stitches more even.  I even made Dino's baby blanket and it has outlasted some beautifully made blankets from grandparents.  This pure white blanket is my newest creation. 
    I still only know how to do this one stitch. Although I recently have started to look at other stitches to do. I like this one, it is simple. I don't count, I don't think, I just go. I have done it so much that I can do it all day (until my hands hurt). But I see pretty blankets and I want to try something new. You see, recently  I have been home with no guidance, no classes to take (avoid homework!) No reason to even put pants on most days!  And it is hard. We need something to reach for, something to work towards. A goal, and something to finish. Something to check off the to-do list.  Sure I have dishes and washing, and housewife/mom stuff, but nothing for me, and nothing that is ever actually completed. 
    It is important to feel something is done. A case to be closed, a court date to be completed, a test passed. So for me, for right now  I will make this blanket, and next time I will try a new stitch, and when it is a hot mess I will try again until I have mastered it as well as  I have this. 

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