Sunday, September 18, 2011

UGH and good news!

Well first the good news!  Ammo in The Dryer was on the radio!!  Well an internet radio station, which totally rocks!  Check it out!/show/get_clear we are down a little ways, but that is because of the UGH news.

I hate being sick.  You never do hear people say “I love having a cold!”  And true part of me thinks a nice flu would be great right now, I could really use the time off.  I know the truth; there is no time off when you are sick wife of a cop.  Unless the cop has a few days off!  And T-rex did!  So I have spent a few days doing NOTHING. And I love it, and the house is a mess, and I don’t care.

I once came across a page for the man flu.  .. Google it. I think I got it, which is strange because I am not a man.  But this cold really kicked my butt.  Although hearing Dino tattle on me to her sisters was great.

“You should see mommy room!  It is so messy!  There are tissues all over! She needs to clean it up.”

Yeah kid!  Thanks, I will keep that in mind the next time you are sick.  Then all the girls go “ewww” at once. 

So now that I am doing better I am going to clean the room before a kid tattles on me again.  And maybe get the rest of the house in order.  But in my absence check out the Get Clear show!  There is a lot of great stuff on her show to get you thinking . . . and anyone willing to say hello to Ammo In the Dryer is great!

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