Saturday, October 22, 2011

He's on nights, he knows nothing.

There is actually a lot going on right now.  Just none of it really “blog worthy.”  Or maybe I don’t want to take the energy to type it all out?  I don’t really know. 

I think life gets like that for all of us.  It takes energy to give a darn, and well I just don’t wana anymore!

T-rex is also on his last week of night.  .. I hope!  I forget. Nights are great weeks 2-4 but too much after that and I start to want my husband back!  I am a lucky one our guys change shifts about every 6 weeks.  I am one of the unlucky ones, our guys change shifts about every 6 weeks.  There is good and bad in it.  I like that for 6 weeks I get to have dinner with him, for 6 weeks he is home to help send the kids off to school, for another 6 weeks we are going to bed around the same time!  I like that he is not stuck on night for a year or more at a time, that would not be fun.

But there is a very big issue with him changing hours every 6 weeks.  Every 6 weeks everyone has to readjust. Dino usually ends up sleep walking during the first week of the change, Rae whines a lot more, and Lilly turns into nasty Diva (Yeah she is at that age, but I am still going to say it’s because of the change in hours).  Everyone’s sleep is also affected. Then we get into our grove and it changes again, which isn’t so bad because by the time we are really in our grove I am sick of it. I am sick of feeling like a single parent all the time, I am sick of seeing my husband in passing moments, I am sick of not being able to wash the sheets because someone is always sleeping! 

Yesterday we talked about some of this, not the sheets, but the other stuff.

T-rex is mostly a laid back kind of guy, which helps a lot.  He doesn’t get to really be a part of the household most of the time.  Mostly when he is on night he can go a week without seeing the kids for more than 5 minutes, he often times has no clue what is going on when I change everything in the house, and I don’t even think he knows what time dance is for the girls.  It is just how it is. I hate to say it but often times I do things that a couple would do without him.  Like sign our daughter up for preschool. Or get the girls a new bed. I do try and let him know what is going on.  But truly if we didn’t make a real effort he wouldn’t know anything!

I do have to say when T-rex is home (no matter how rare) he makes the effort to know what is going on. If he didn’t I might not know what to tell him because I am so used to him not being around.  I don’t plan things with him, or around him, we just go and do it. If he can make it great, if not oh well. I have to live like that; he has gotten calls out with no more than a 30 second warning. Things would be far harder if I put everything on hold for him.

Still I like to think he knows what is going on around the house, and when I can I seek his thoughts. Like with the new beds, I went down town to look at them, picked them out, had the guy ring me up and then called T-rex to come pay for them!  See he knows what’s up!

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MONICA-LnP said...

my hubs is the same way-i have a calendar and write whats going on just to keep him informed !