Tuesday, October 4, 2011

haha they will make fun of you! cause now you are one of the guys.

So T-rex has a “2011 taco” that he drives for work .. . Okay it’s not really a taco but that’s what the girls call it so I am going with that. 

He has not even had the thing for a year!  And yet he has already had his first accident.  The way he tells it the pole just jumped out of nowhere and ran right into him! 

Okay even he doesn’t tell it like that. I guess he was back-up on the interstate and had to flip around to get to town. When he did he side swiped a pole.  He almost made it a year without any damage to a vehicle I think he is doing good!

He had to do the whole, write a report, and hide it on the boss’s desk behind other papers so no one woud see it.  Then he spent some time in the garage cleaning it up, and making it look like nothing happened.  So far I think he has been safe and no one has made fun of him too much.  Well until I post this!

But to be fair he does drive a lot more than I do, and it was dark, and the pole was painted green.  And well he is still a rookie. .. . Or he was until he just made ranks with all the other guys who have ran into things with their vehicles.

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