Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some things are just not normal. . . . .

Like my children.

I mean they fit in at home, and that might not be the best of things.

Take Rae for instance.   . . .
Last week we saw a small aquarium. The turtle looked dead.  She announced it very loud, the other little girl started to cry, her father gave me dirty looks as I laughed.
She asked her father yesterday if he had to shoot anyone, like this was a normal question to ask.
We went to story time where they were reading “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.”  First I have to say that story is a little morbid for 3 year olds . . .Or at least it seems that way now.  Rae assured everyone the lady did die. When the teacher said the old lady still had her mouth open so she was asleep Rae informed everyone that she does not sleep with her mouth open, but she dies that way.
I am sure some of this is normal 3 year old wonders.  Yet I can’t help but feel that some of this is because we face the dangers, the bad, and death every day.  We girls standby ready to support T-rex in all he does, and with that we get a small glimpse at the ugly in the world.
Although we do our best to protect our children from many of the dangers in the world it is hard to kiss daddy goodbye without noticing the gun at his side.  Part of me worries the girls see the danger and icky stuff to much.  Another, bigger part of me thinks that the world is turning into a bunch of PC babies. The girls brought home the book “Little Red Riding Hood”  Did you know in the end the wood cutter guy does not kill the wolf with his ax? They don’t all have a nice BBQ later anymore?! 
Okay the BBQ part might never have been in there, but it was in my mind.  I do know in the story I read as a child the wolf got cut up, died, and everyone was happy!  Now he gets shipped off to a wildlife preserve where he is feed a nice vegan meal three times a day. (Or something just as silly)
So the girls are not big softies, (unless there is a bug.  .I mean eww) But that is okay. I like it this way. I would rather they grow up knowing that there are dangers, death, and bad guys than for them to be so afraid of anything and everything that is not nice. Life is not nice.


Suz said...

Yay! You're right - the world is NOT nice. Their understanding of that fact doesn't seem to be beating your kids down, does it? Keep doing what you're doing; your chidren sound awesome.

Yellow said...

LOL No, the kids seem to be doing great! Dino thinks a Tornado is the best thing to be for Halloween! Death and bad guys are not an every day thing, but they are aware that it is there.

Rebecca said...

The sad reality is that we can't protect or shelter our kids from everything. It's a constant parenting challenge to set appropriate boundaries.
There is a plus, they'll learn of honor, commitment, sacrifice etc.
I try to teach our kids that LEOs help people like their daddy does. I know a day is coming though when the run into a cop-hater who tries to give them a different perspective. Ufta!
One things for sure, kids have a wild imagination! We do what we can and I leave the rest to the Lord.
Maybe they'll follow in his shoes one day? I tend not to entertain that thought b/c it's hard enough being married to the law.
I think our kids just need a lot of hope from us.
All the best!