Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My melt down

Yeah about that, sorry.  The stress of college and T-rex changing hours really must have gotten to me. Oh who cares!  The point is I ended up with an A not a D on that paper I was stressing out about, so I feel like a dork.  Moving on. .  .

About T-rex and the motorcycle club!  He joined as soon as he got a bike; it was something he wanted to do long before he even got the bike.  Oh and he got a Harley. . which I love. .. . and I am not a bike person. Oh I really love the Harley!

Okay anyway, the club info right?? http://www.expendablesmc.org/ look em up on face book too, you will likely find a chapter in your state, if not start one!  T-rex started the chapter in our state, and already has the 4 needed for a chapter.  I guess I need to get “old lady” patches.  But I will punch anyone who calls me an old lady.. ..You have been warned.

Maybe I will get T-rex to write about the club soon. 

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Date Girl said...

Great job on the paper! I'm glad it all worked out.