Saturday, March 24, 2012

3:00 Am

So it is way too early, and I have not gotten any sleep yet.  Why you ask?  Okay you didn’t really ask, but I am going to tell you anyway. I have NO CLUE!
But, when it gets so early like this and I can’t even think right I start to think crazy things.
Like T-rex joined a motorcycle club for Law enforcement.  And I still can’t get over how strange that is. I will fill you in when I can think!
Or how I am still not doing well in History and I really wonder if I am cut out for this, but it is still all I want to do. Maybe it is just the stress that is getting to me and things really will not be that bad.  Or maybe I really do stink and I should give up and run for some political office, they never seem good at anything.

So I am sitting here feeling all sorry for myself and my bad grades before the class has even had a chance to end week one. I thought I would write some smart list of things I am “good” at, such as run on sentences; but then I thought I would write a list of things I really am good at, but after 10 minutes of nothing coming to mind I realized that we have created a society where good is not good enough. I am good at cooking pancakes, but no pro so I dare not list that. I am good at writing (past a 5th grade level) but no novel writer, so I cannot post that. I am good at understanding sociology and psychology but I am not a professional in that field so I cannot really list that either. We don’t give ourselves credit for the things we are good at; we only count it if we are like rock-star good.
I might not be good at this whole history thing. I might have to work extra hard at figuring out what my teachers want, if they even know! But I know I am good at teaching, I know that I am good at knowing what I want to do. So it stinks, and I am likely to whine a lot more about bad grades and mean teachers, but I am going to keep going…….. As soon as I get back from my ride.


Suz said...

Totally un-PC:
Are you a good wife-mother-home manager? Yeah, I know, the grrrrlz like to dismiss that "homemaker" stuff as unimportant, but the grrrls are wrong. You chose to get married and have children, right? THAT must be your primary "career" until the kids are grown. Don't forget to take credit if you're good at it.

Being married to a cop, you're in a position to have an excellent perspective on what's important:

1. Cop-spouse is a full-time job. You might have noticed it takes an extraordinary amount of patience, flexibility and emotional support to do it well. It ain't because cops are overgrown children (OK, some are.) It's because cops can't leave their jobs entirely at the office.
2. Ask T-Rex how important good mothers, good fathers, and stable families are.

You are wise to further your education and prepare yourself to support your family if it becomes necessary, but don't let anybody (including yourself) tell you that you're not good at what's important.

Yellow said...

Suz, if you don't count house work in there then I can say I am good. House work brings the average down. :)

Suz said...

Cleaning is WAAAY overrated.