Wednesday, May 24, 2017



So maybe not just a cop issue.  But it does seem there are unique things that cops have to deal with.  We all know that cops don’t make money (DUH).  The truth is there is also limited advancement. I teach, so we know there is not a whole lot there.  Although I have to say together we make enough, we really do, or should.  We also feel fast into debit.  It was easy to justify spending money on things when we work so hard, and gosh we do work hard.

So we have more debit than a family should have.  Much of it went to the house, the same house we now have to leave. That one hurts a lot. I thought we would be here longer, I thought it would pay off. I thought it would be okay.  But we all know that debit is never really a good thing.

So here we sit working our way out of the hole we put ourselves in. Many things have been sold, and there is more to go.  Many things have been given up, and many more things will be skipped. That is just the way it is going to be.  But I swear if I read one more post that tells me to give up expensive coffee and manicures I might flip! If I was broke (and I am ) the first thing I would do is drop coffee runs and anything else I don’t need. But also if I am broke, and cutting corners all over a nice coffee date at 10 bucks might just be what I need to keep going. So let me enjoy it without guilt!  

The thing that has helped us the most is honestly (a shameless plug) everydollar. T-rex and I each have the same account on our phones and are able to track everything. I am not saying we don’t still blow money, we do. But we are getting better at it, and we are able to see where we blow money so we can better plan for it, or change what we are doing.  

With this system we have also been able to get 1500.00 in savings for the move. We paid off one credit card, covered 3 emergencies in one month, and have kept going (nothing bounced and groceries in the house!) I cannot tell you have awesome that feels!  

There is still a long way to go. We move in about a month, the house has not sold, and I am afraid of how things are going to work out next month, but they will work out. We have a plan each month, and slowly things are getting paid off, money is being saved, and truly we are still living life. So, cops get on a budget!  Go for it and put in some blow money, go have fancy coffee, enjoy date night! But know what you are doing each month, adjust as needed and keep going.

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