Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yeah well, deal with it

So, I didn’t want to be another of the million “Mommy Bloggers” out there. And yet here I am, so deal with it for a moment?

Today is Rae’s Birthday! She is the baby of the family and turning 3!!! She is all mommy’s girl. And after having two who are most defiantly daddy’s girls it was very nice for me to have a mommy’s girl! She is also so much the baby of the family. Maybe that is mostly my doing, knowing she was our last child and all that. But whatever. It’s just hard to see her growing up so much. It is also hard to think that it has been three years!

But anyway, like most parents do before their children’s birthdays I asked Rae what she would like to get for her birthday. In no order here is the strange list we got this week.

Halloween decorations

Christmas tree

A big box

“All of this” (as she points to the TV DVD player, and Movies.)

A singing Barbie

A rainbow

If you take a quick look at the list you will see the only thing I MIGHT be able to get is a Barbie that sings. But that is so like Rae, she gets happy over all the silly things in life. She is kind and giving and easy to make happy.

But she is also 3 now! That means we have been dealing with anger, emotions, and at times kicking and screaming. She has been getting into things, making life a pain for her sisters. Last month she cut her long nice hair to her chin! Half way around her head her hair was chopped. Now it’s true she looks much better now, but still was not good. This is just part of her being 3.

T-rex does not seem near as heartbroken as I am. He just seems happy she does not want to date yet! That’s okay I am sure I will get my revenge. The kids will turn 16, I will be happy they are able to drive and I can mark “professional driver” off my list of duties, and T-rex will freak out! 10 more years till Lilly hits that mark! I can hold out.


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Wow! You should pat yourself on the back for having such a sweet little one. I'd like a rainbow for my birthday too.

And, if you can stand it, I think the big box is a totally cool present. She can play house, or cave, or hide-and-seek, etc. I am totally all over that one too!

Happy Birthday Rae!
Ann T.

Rebecca said...

wow three is an interesting age I'm learning. My girl just turned three in Dec. Cute list. A rainbow for a birthday gift is going to be a hard one :-) to pull off. Barbie seems a bit easier he he. Happy Birthday Wishes to your Rae!! Hurray!

I love a Cop said...

I love your blog. I just came across it via some others I've started frequenting. I started giggling even when I read your blog title. I thought I was in a league of my own because we've been known to store ammo in my underwear drawer...haha. I don't feel so alone anymore. I'm looking forward to following your blog. It made me smile!