Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 years.

Time sure goes fast.  8 years ago today I married the best Man EVER!  He is kind and caring, and well let’s face it he puts up with me!
He has been in Law Enforcement for the last 6 years.  Before that he was gone doing road construction.

Maybe that is why time seems to have gone so fast. I don’t know.  I asked him yesterday if there as anything he would change. He said no. Well maybe we would have been smarter with money. But what family doesn’t say that?

I can’t say there is much I would change.  Because if I were to change one thing then who knows what else that would have changed, and we have a great life together!  

It has been a great anniversary. The days before we went on Vacation, saw my parents, and even had time for date!

Today (which is really the day after our anniversary) Dino and Lilly start school. First and second grade already!  It has been a great year.  I love you T-rex!!


Slamdunk said...

Happy 8th to both of you.

Suz said...

Happy Anniversary, and I wish you many more!

Saimi said...

Happy Anniversary! My son's long life dream is to become a police officer. I know it will happen too, just a few more semesters of college and he's on his way!!

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