Thursday, August 4, 2011

A cop’s guide a spouses Birthday:

I have had the worst birthdays in the past years. T-rex has been working, has been gone, and has gone golfing!
The kids are a mess, we are always broke, and I end up making my own cake, and not going out.
Yet part of this I am sure is my fault, because I usually also forget my birthday is coming up until like the day of it. Call it mom brain, but I think I get it from my Father.
So this year I am going to help T-rex out, and all the other Cop’s who need to help with their wife’s birthday, even on a cop’s pay!

1.       If you can get the day off of work!

2.       Don’t go play golf!

3.       If you cannot make a cake, go get one! This can even be the only thing you buy her this year.

4.       Cook every meal you can, or go out.  But if a sitter is needed you get it! And pick a place you think she will like.  But the point is DON’T bug her with it.  Just make sure food is provided during the day.

5.       Let your wife lock herself in her room, nap, eat cake, and ignore the children even if it is just for a few hours.

6.       Don’t let the house fall apart when she is away from it all!

7.       Invite a few close friends over for BBQ, or pizza. Nothing to fancy unless she wants that. But friends so she knows it was cool she was born

8.       Run a bath for her, light a few candles.

9.       GET A CARD! Or make one, but something with words about love and funny stuff.

10.   Let her sleep in, you can run the kids to school, and taken them on ALL the errands.

Okay so mostly this applies to Stay at home moms who are married to a cop. . . Maybe this is just what I want this year. .  .think it’s a good enough hint?  I tell ya, before I had kids my parties may not have been big, but I didn’t have little children trying to eat my cake!

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Slamdunk said...

After a decade of marriage I have learned that the little things backed by thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Your #2 would get some guys cut from the team. He is lucky.