Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hang on babe, I lost my Gun

So, we had a bad night of storms.  First T-rex, the kids and I went for a drive but had to cut it short because of the tornados just a county over.  The sky looked nasty.  When we got home the children and I bunked out in the basement as T-rex stayed up stairs to keep an eye on the weather. 
The power went out after about 15 minutes; we made it home just in time.  Candles were going, and all was well. Until I saw the inch or so of water just creeping in under the baseboards.  T-rex came down to see how we were doing, and help mop up the water. It was stressful.  Why is it that children always get in the way MORE when parents are stressing out?  We would get towels down for one spot of the basement to find another flooding. Our bedrooms are all in the basement, our computer, T.V. and with little kids’ rooms it seemed every corner that was flooding was also a place to hide cloths!

About 20 minutes later the power turned back on, and we spent another 20 with the carpet cleaner getting more water up.   With everything as dry as we could get it, and the children in bed T-rex and I went upstairs for a movie and time to relax before the next storm came in. 

I noticed there was his ammo clip just sitting on the end table. One bullet out like he had been messing around with his gun, trigger pulls, aiming, or something like that.  But no gun was to be found.

T-rex lost it when the power went out!!
Somehow this seemed perfectly natural and normal.  No not that he misplaces his gun a lot! But that something like this would happen.
As I was looking in the typical places I realized that there is not a typical place to misplace a gun!  Not like my cell phone which ends up in the bathroom closet a lot, or the keys which end up on the wrong kitchen counter from time to time, or even the remote which has a habit of being found in the refrigerator. Nope, no place seemed like a natural place for a gun to go missing off to.  Yet we knew it had to be in the house someplace.   

How many families would loss a gun and just laugh about it?  We did!  We knew it was unloaded, and that the kids were in bed so we had time to look, we also knew that if one of the children did find it they would come and tell us.  But I think most people would have been worried at least a little.
We found it in less than 5 minutes.  It had fallen behind the couch when he got up to come help me down stairs.  I think that is one part of being married to a cop I will never fully get used to.
  My dad always had guns, we had them hanging from the wall when I was little. But there was a fear of guns put into me and my sisters.  I have to say I don’t much like gun.  I know how to shoot, and I do okay. But you can tell I am afraid of the thing by the way I hold it.  T-rex holds his gun like it’s his best friend; they are buddies and pals and might go out for drinks after work!  I guess that is a good thing, because that gun might save his life . . . if he knows where it’s at!

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Slamdunk said...

I think that is a true police family laugh. Glad you made the best of the foul weather. we have had lots of storms this month as well.