Sunday, August 21, 2016

How to get stuff done when your cop is sleeping during the day

How to get stuff done when your cop is sleeping during the day:

1. Don’t

2. Eat cake and watch bad TV (on low volume)

3. Take a nap

4. Turn into that person who vacuums at 10pm

5. Dream of day shift

6. Find out Day shift also stinks (I had the whole bed to myself!!) 

We rotate shifts here, and there are good and bad to all of them. On Nights I do love the bed to myself, I am a night person. But I also hate that he is not home, that I cannot make sure T-rex is okay.

On Days I could get things done around the house or whatever. I also know what time he should be home and we can eat together. I have to share my bed! He snores. The Dogs want to sleep with him.

I would say that my least favorite shift is Mids. He goes from 1:30-1:30. What the heck!! No meals together, No bed time together, no seeing the kids after school, and when did he really get home?! Then he sleeps all day. It is an evil shift. I hate mids.

I lied, there is not good and bad to all of them, One of them is a dumb shift that I hate.

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