Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When a Cop gives advice does it always end in some type of "EH" I don't let that bother me?

So kinda a long title, but that is where I am at.  I have had some problems with "clients" at work.  So okay students. .  .their parents. . . .

I love what I do all day, but there are times where I feel far less than capable, and it gets hard when no one ever says "yeah you are a good teacher!"

T-rex does not have advice to help this.  He always ends it with "Eh, I just don't let that bother me anymore"


That does not help!!  Do you know what would help. . . Chocolate, a nap, some flowers, tickets for everyone who annoys me. . . .You know the things like that.

OHHH but I better not joke about that. . . .or anything ..  .. I wish everyone had a cop's idea of funny.  It would make things much easier if no one would get offended.

Oh and  I bet it is easy to let things go when you know if it gets really bad you CAN give a ticket, or something. . .But that is just a theory.

I need this for like all Life things!!

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