Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well, we are going in the right direction . .. I think. . .

T-rex had the last of his training thing stuff today. He was doing some kind of paintball exercise thing, where they act out “hot calls” or something, and he shoots or gets shot or ya know. Sounds just like a lot of playing around if you ask me! He used to love paintball so I don’t see how this counts as work, even though he says he works so hard at training. (Insert sarcastic laugh here)

We had talked about how he is not to call to tell me he “Got dead” any more. Well I don’t think our last conversation was really that much better, but at least he didn’t “get dead”

T-rex: “Hey babe, I didn’t get dead today!”

Me: “Oh that’s good! What happened?”

T-rex: “Well I shot 3 suspects, total of 4 kills.”

Me: “Oh that’s good. . . hang on you killed 4 people but only 3 suspects?”

T-rex: “Well yeah. . . . .. I didn’t shoot first . .I don’t think. . . I am pretty sure. . . “

Me: “So you killed a bystander or something?”

T-rex: “Well kind of. We got a call that there was a man with a gun at this place, and when we get there this guy comes running at us yelling, he was hysterical! So I think I shot because the other guys on my team shot. But I know I was the only one to shot twice. . . I put him out of his misery (which with paintballs really means T-rex caused him more pain!). But I think I just shot because the other guys were, kind of made me jumpy. But now I know.

Me: “um. I guess I should be happy you didn’t get shot, but that is what we would call a bad shot hun.”

T-rex: “Hey consider it public education! Now people know they should not come running and yelling at cops!”

Me: “Um, I better get lunch ready”

Well hey, this is training and this is what it’s for! I am happy he didn’t get shot so he is working on that! I also know that a lot of the other teams did the same thing, or got killed themselves. So I try to keep that in mind, I also try and remember that I would have died the first time out! They make some of the training where you have to mess up. One of the things he did MADE him get into a car crash; the computer would not let him avoid it. I wonder if he didn’t shot the guy if they would have made him the bad guy. So sometimes there is just no winning. A big part of me can’t help but feel happy he didn’t get shot. . Better the other guy!

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