Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It’s not that hard!

This weekend I wanted to sleep in. I think getting up with the kids every day Monday through Friday has earned me the right to sleep in every now and again. Even if T-rex will disagree.

I think he has a mission to make me pay every time I have him get the girls ready. Now I understand that they are girls and guys are typically not the hair expert they need. However, I don’t think getting them dressed should be this hard!

I made the mistake of telling T-rex he can get them dressed in “whatever”. I know all the moms out there are laughing their butts off at me right now. I have learned my lesson!

Lilly~ Pink, bright pink sweat pants. Matching Pink, well a different shade of just as bright pink, baby doll long sleeved, shirt. No shoes, no socks, hair a mess.

Dino~ Black sweat pants. Brand new long sleeved school shirt. (did not go together that shirt needed jeans, fact sweats go with nothing but her TKD clothes) No shoes, no socks, hair standing up.

Rae~ Pants a size to small, last year’s long sleeved shirt (you know the one with the big stain on it, that is kept for play clothes, which would be the weekend only we had places to go this weekend!) no shoes, no socks, a knot in the hair so big I really think a bird was making a nest.

I know this may not sound so bad to some of the guys out there. . but it looked really bad. So here are a few pointers. .

First PINK AND BRIGHTER PINK Do not make an outfit not matter how much the 6 year old tries to tell you it does. Pink marshmallow is not attractive on anyone ever!

Shirts with the tag still on them should be left alone, it above your pay grade!

Pants should not show 2 inches of leg.

Stains are okay for play clothes on weekends ONLY when we are not going out.

Socks are required for tennis shoes.

Combs have teeth, yes it is true, but they don’t bite! Use one. Pulling hair up maybe above you but brushing it should not be.

But I have learned my lesson . . . Before I have “vacation” I will set cloths out, just stick to what I say, and don’t let the kids fool you into thinking red spandex and green sweaters work.

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