Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I don’t call T-rex anymore.

When T-rex was in the Jail I could call him just about any time I liked. I would easily spend 30 minutes at night on the phone with him. Or I could call just to tell him that the pie I made was really good. Anything I wanted I could call about. It was very nice to know that most of the time he could talk, and in the few minutes when he could not talk he would just say “I am busy, call you soon.” And he would call me back!

Well now he is on the road and I fear he is always busy. I have not called much, but when there was a lot I wanted to tell him I went ahead and called, I always figured he could just let it ring if he was really busy, or tell me he was busy. A Frisian Holstein cow in the Netherlands: Int...Image via Wikipedia

T-rex: “hey”

Me: “Are you busy?”

T-rex: “Yeah I am booking in a cow”

Me: “Um. . . . .okay, call me when you are not busy?”

                                            T-rex: “Okay”

Now he was kind of out of breath, talking fast, and I was on the cell phone, so I was not really sure what he said. But it really really sounded like he said he was booking in a cow. My mind went wild! Why would someone book in a cow? I could picture how big the cell would need to be for a cow, hay on the floor, and a water thing. I wondered what crime the cow could have committed. T-rex helped clear that up when he got home.

T-rex: “No, I said we were putting in a cow! You don’t listen really well, why would I book in a cow. . . . . Unless, it started a beef with us!”

I nearly died! I am sure it is corny, but it was funny!

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Sister Copinherhair said...

Ha ha! That was funny! Yeah, Indubitably has a new position and I'm extremely lucky to even get a text.