Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How the Wii Saved my Marriage . . . . . and Destroyed it

I keep telling T-rex and my mom that I am going to write a book called “How the Wii Saved my Marriage . . . . . .And Destroyed it." But I don’t think I have enough material for a book. Perhaps a movie would be better, too much action not enough dialoged for a book. Mostly things like “Ohh you are a jerk!” And “Big baby” are repeated over and over again.

We got a Wii for the kids a few months ago. I was sure that the 6 and 5 year old would love it. And I am still sure they would love it if we ever let them play. But when T-rex is home, and I have a free moment we play Super Mario Brothers. The new one has a coin battle, and it is great! This is one of the few things T-rex and I can do together anymore with our busy lives. Sitting down and fighting in a silly game. We yell at each other, I hate to say some “colorful” words get said, teasing, and very poor sportsmanship make up the night. We are not nice at all. I can see how people would split up over a game, well the way we play anyway.

Even with all the fighting and yelling it is one thing that I think has helped to bring us together more. We were going about our lives with very few, if any, activities that we did together. Sure he would come home and watch TV or play the X-box and I would sit in the same room and do homework. We do still need that “together and alone” sometimes that is really needed. But we also really needed something to do together, even if it is just yell insults at each other.

So if you hear yelling and cursing coming from my house don’t worry, we are just falling in love.

Do you girls (and guys) have something silly like that in your life that helps keep your relationship alive?


The Lioness said...

"Sure he would come home and watch TV or play the X-box and I would sit in the same room and do homework."

You just described a lot of our nights together. Some nights I'm just thankful for that and other nights I want more - we deserve more in our relationship.

We're struggling right now to find something to do together, but that has to do more with old relationship stuff than with his new career. I suggested running a 5K together, since he runs. We're working on finding something, though.

Mrs.Officer.Rev said...

We go to church together, but that is really the extent of our shared activities (besides the occasional dinner party or night out).

Rev is still getting used to his routine and the shift work, hopefully when things settle down we can find a good hobby to share.

Can't wait for the warmer weather! That always gets us motivated to do things together :)

Pam Landy said...

Whenever we're having a cliched (or utterly weird) conversation/argument, finally one of us will say, "At Home With The Landys!" like a sitcom announcer, and sing a little bit of tune like you'd hear on a sitcom to cue the lafftrack or applause. And then we both crack up. It keeps us from taking things too seriously. :)

Rebecca said...

Was thinking of your blog when I was doing laundry the other day (b/c of your blog's title) when I noticed police tape hanging out of The Mr's uni as it I pulled it out of the hamper lol.
Anyway we got a wii for Christmas last year and you know we finally pulled it out this past December (2010- 2011) so it sat in the box for a year. The Mr. and I are like " what fools we were to let this fun cheep date night pass us by for so long" lol
Now wii night is our new date night after the kids are in bed he he.