Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where has Yellow gone?

Yeah I ask myself the same question! I am still here. Life just got busy! I got to watch my little sister’s daughter. She is one, and so so cute! I had her for a week and miss her way too much! It really did make me want another child.

But on to other news, after all my baby need is not going to get cured anytime soon. The girls have been doing great. Spring break has kept them and me busy! T-rex has been busy working too. I think he has fallen into his grove at work. I am finding that most people in our small town are either criminals, dumb, or related to a dumb criminal. Kind of makes it hard to really get to know a lot of people. But I guess that is to be expected in a small town like this. I find that I am telling myself, almost more than I have to tell T-rex, that not everyone is a criminal…I have not made up my mind on the dumb part however. I mean I get to see a lot of the dumb stuff at the fast food place I work!

Talking of Fast food place I work. A few months ago a drunk, total drunk, came to the drive up. I can usually dismiss most of this stuff, after all “it’s not my job” blah blah blah! Well this guy really should not be on the road and I called him in. I have not heard anything yet, but I did see him get pulled over, and I know he was so drunk he likely went right to jail. Well now I find out from the great Husband of mine that because I gave dispatch my name I might get called into court. UGH?! I didn’t think they could do that. But here I was using my name to get an officer out there. . ….After all they all know I am married to T-rex. So yep Yellow name dropped her own name and for that will pay….. maybe. I don’t know yet, and it has already been a few months I think I would have heard something by now. Anyway I will keep you all posted if anything more comes of that. Until then I have learned my lesson…. don’t name drop, not even your own name!

Other than that cop work has seemed to take on a more normal role with T-rex being on the day shift. I am not sure I like it. It seems he has to deal with a lot more dumb stuff. Nothing that fun happens during the day, but a lot of people like to report silly dumb things.

I guess we did have a close call with another standoff. T-rex was sad his SWAT team didn’t get called out to it. Mostly he likes to say how different he would have done things. Eh, when it is a small town and the most fun you have is booking in a cow I guess missing something big stinks. I am just happy things have been fairly “slow” or at least that he has dealt with more dumb people than criminals.

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Mrs.Officer.Rev said...

We are kind of in the middle of po-dunk, hillbilly country and the city so Rev gets both types of calls... He loves nights because they have been so much more 'action-packed'. Needless to say... LOL I am a fan of days!! ;)