Thursday, March 3, 2011

Such a show off

T-rex got assigned to read to the kids at a school in the county. He loved it! I don’t think he has bragged so much about work in a long time. I loved it!

He said he did some questions and passed around his flashlight, and handcuffs. He should have known better, two boys got cuffed together before the end of it. He got to show off his truck. Every kid loves the lights. I think part of it is the little kids looked up to him; he was still a hero in their eyes. They have not been pushed into hating the cops like so many older people do. Maybe he was able to reach a kid and someday they will stand up for the cops and not turn to the cop hate like so many of their peers.

T-rex called me to tell me how much fun he had when I was off at the library with our own children. At the time I was just happy he had a good day at work. It seems like this last week it has been a lot of the same old same old and that can drain a person. But after I got to think about it I was a little upset.

He was off having fun with a bunch of 3rd graders and here his children were without him again. I guess I got a little jealous. He shared more with that class then he does with his own children. And then it hit me. We try to protect our children from his job. Right or wrong, we don’t want them to see all the things he has to deal with. Sure they have all been cuffed together, seen his flashlight, played with the lights on his truck, and have a good understanding of his job.

I knew he was going to do a great job reading to the class because he does great with our own children. He understands how to talk to kids. He is a great father, and a wonderful husband. I just wish that he was home more. I guess that is a wish all police wives have. So yes I was jealous that a bunch of 3rd graders got my husband’s attention for a few hours. But I was so proud of him. Simple little things like talking to children really can have an impact. And keeping some of this stuff from our children right now is the right thing to do. They will see far more “cop crap” in their lives. Far more than anyone ever needs to see I am sure. And for now it is nice to see T-rex brag about a good day at work!

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