Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday Drive

Well our Sunday drives are often times on Tuesdays or Fridays, or whenever T-rex has a day off. But still. It reminded me of when I was a child and my dad would shove us kids into the too small car for the too long drive. We would go to random places, usually out of town. We would find small diners, dirty gas stations, and fields, or for a time mountains. The parents would talk and me and my sisters would complain, enjoy the sites, and even bond a little.

When I was dating T-rex we would go for drives too. I remember driving in the rain, listening to some country singer, and then he threw my shoe out the window. I think he wanted to get me to dance with him. It was silly and romantic and annoying. I knew I loved him.

Our last little Sunday drive was on a Monday. We drove out to the country; you know the whole mile it takes to get there. The air was fresh and clean. I loved it. We saw some great looking county houses! I now have a new dream, to own a small farm. Okay how about I be realistic, I want a house that is near a farm. . . I don’t really want to farm! I want to let the kids run in a field, chase a chicken, find arrowheads and run from snakes. I don’t want to drive a tractor, battle black birds, or milk a cow. I don’t know the first thing about farms. I just know that I want it.

The drive was great. I hope that we get to do a few more before gas prices go way to high!

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