Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got dead today

So T-rex is still out doing training. So I don’t really worry about him that much, but miss him more than if he was at home working all the time. I love getting to hear about what he is learning, well most of it anyway. Today he called to tell me all about his great training.

T-rex: “Yeah I did pretty good. Messed up a few times, I got dead once.”

Me: “WHAT?”

T-rex: “Yeah I got dead, this guy was suicidal, but then he turned the gun on us. I didn’t feel right shooting a guy who was going to shoot himself, but now I know.”

Me: “Don’t ever call me to tell me you got dead! (LONG pause T-rex starts to giggle) Oh well I mean I guess if you can call me you’re not really dead, and that is better than you just dyeing and not calling me, but still!!”

T-rex: “Um okay. If I ever die I will not call you. . .. “

UGH I just can’t win. It is not normal for a husband to call his wife and say “I got dead” And yes it was “I got dead” not “I died”. I guess that might make a difference.

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Sister Copinherhair said...

I'm sorry...but that was a pretty funny conversation. :)