Monday, February 7, 2011

3 things they never told me

The truth is there are more than 3 things they never told me. They are everyone, and the things are about being married to a cop. But 3 are enough to go over today.

1. Cops smell BAD.

Like really bad. Yes gun powder smells great! But unless it is range day your cop is going to come home smelling bad. In T-rex’s case it has been cow, mud, Kevlar, man stink, chili, and other random odors. We had to get T-rex his own room so I didn’t have the bedroom smelling like Kevlar anymore. All of his gear is gone, and I have a room again! Which brings me to number two!

2. They have more gear than you have shoes!

Well, I am not big on shoes but you get the idea. Hi belt does hold more than my diaper bag ever did! From winter dress uniforms, to polo uniforms, guns to knives, and lights like crazy. T-rex needed another room to hold all of his stuff! He makes Barbie looks under-accessorized.

3. Not only is he a cop, but we are a cop’s family.

Too many parts of his job can and have slipped into our family life. We have to fight to keep “normal” and that is not normal. Still we hear of police families being targeted just because they are related to an officer. The children will be looked at differently by some kids just because their father is a cop, and I have run into some strange remarks at work. (But some of the people I work with know T-rex in a professional way). It is hard to adjust to all the things that a cop’s life brings. For some reason I thought it would affect him, not so much me and the kids. I wish someone would have told me that I was in danger too just because of what he does. No I don’t think about it often. But it is there. It is not like things are “oh so bad and hard we are a cop’s family” It’s more like “What? Normal people don’t have to deal with this!” Then again if there was going to be a family that ran a little differently than the rest, ours is a good one for the job.


Sister Copinherhair said...




Especially the first one. They do get pretty ripe.

Anonymous said...

YOu should read my post yesterday about what being a police officer changes about you.

Yellow said...

Mr Police Man, that is something I would love to do. However, I cannot seem to find your blog. Could you post a link here for me?