Friday, February 4, 2011

Um. . . maybe you shouldn’t be so dumb?!

I live in a small town . .yes I make a point of saying this because well, really small towns are so different from even normal sized towns.

We have one grocery store; it is a small grocery store. Like Wal-Mart is a flippin castle in comparison. I have started to hate going to the grocery store. I hate it so much I am more than willing to drive to the next town over just to get milk. The reason? People are dumb.

I had just made it around the store, stopped to get milk, avoided the dumb gal who I just can’t stand during the whole trip (in a store this small that is a hard thing to do!) Yet there she was in the checkout line right next to mine. I had wished, even prayed that she would not turn around to notice me. I failed.

DG (Dumb Girl): What is your husband’s last name?

Me: Superman.

DG: “that is what I thought. He pulled me over the other day.”

Me: “Um. . .well, maybe you should not do stuff that is illegal and he would not have a reason to pull you over?”

DG: “ugh” she then storms off and I feel like I have done my good deed for the day.

Yet this kind of thing is happening more and more. It has gotten so bad that I was tempted to ask T-rex to not pull over anyone I work with, and to not be mean to any of the mothers I stand with when picking up the kids.

Yet I know that is dumb. He has his job to do and I know he does it well. Sure he might be a little harder than people around here are used to. But he is not going to play the small town politics ever again. There was one case where he was pulled into play the “that is my sister’s best friend’s aunt” game to let someone off a lot easier than they should have been. I don’t think anything has ever ticked him off more. Really I don’t blame him. Small town or big town it is hard to deal with the politics of police work. Truly he is lucky his department is not that bad, it is the people in the town who feel like they should get a free ride because they know me.

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W said...

We're in a new town, so when I introduce myself, I try to keep away from spilling the beans on what the husband does for a living. He's already had to deal with someone we graduated high school from trying to pull that card. I told him he should have arrested her.