Monday, February 14, 2011

Card and Candy Day!

I started Dating T-rex in high school. Yep we are high school sweet hearts, only it didn’t start out so sweet. We were “just friends” for a good year or so. Then he graduated and moved away, I dated another boy, T-rex came home from the big city and one day it hit me that I was going to marry him so I should start to date him. And that is how we started dating. Not so romantic for him I am sure.

Me: “Hey I am going to marry you so we should start to date I guess.”

T-rex: “Um. . . . . . . . . . . . .okay? . . . . . . . .um”

Yeah. Well we were young and dumb. T-rex was working as a uniform delivery guy or something the first Valentine’s Day we had together. We were broke and he was staying at his parents’ house because they were off doing road construction. I thought it would be a great idea to make him dinner for the special occasion. I got candles, a nice blanket for a picnic, a card, and all that. Then I started to make spaghetti. I was so eager to get everything done that I started way too early. I have to remind you that I was still in high school; I didn’t cook much if at all. So I make his great dinner, and T-rex is still not home. I was so smart! I just kept the noodles in some warm water so they would still be hot when he got home. Oh he got home about an hour later. The noodles were no longer noodles. It was like sauce over some mashed potatoes with no flavor.

And yet T-rex sat there and ate every bite of it. I knew that was when I made the right choice. Every year I make him spaghetti for Valentine’s Day. Every year he says it’s the best ever. Some years we are able to get each other little gifts. Truth is T-rex is GREAT at getting me Valentine’s gifts. He cannot get himself dressed on his days off but he can pick out the best jewelry. This year he got me a cute little ring with a pink sapphire and ‘mom’ written in the silver over the ring. So far I have made him cards with the kids, will cook him dinner (spaghetti) and have gotten him a video game, or real I have let him go pick out a video game!

So although I think this is just another day to sell cards and candy I also think it is great to look back and see how far you have come, like learning how to make spaghetti.

I love you T-rex!


CAcopwife said...

Cute story! I love that he ate every bite anyway!

Pam Landy said...

^^What CCW said! I LOVE this post. Happy Valentine's day to the pair o' ye. :)

Anonymous said...

Love you too! Happy Valentines Day Firecracker!