Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She told on me!

Today was the painful dentist day. I dislike this day for so many reasons.

Lilly and Dino had their appointments first. They did great. Rae even got to watch as they cleaned Lilly’s teeth. Both of them got to put a smile sticker on the no cavities chart. I was so happy for them! New tooth brushes seem to be enough to get the kids to chill out and not whine.

Later in the afternoon Rae and I had to go back for our appointment. I let Rae go first because she was eager to get it done. She did great! But each time she looked like she wanted to get out of that chair I got more afraid of MY cleaning. I was a mess by the time it was my turn. Still the ever great mother that I am I played it cool long enough to set Rae up with some toys. It didn’t take long for me to freak out. I have to give myself some credit here, I didn’t cry, or yell, or anything but whine. .. a lot. .

First the X-rays which freak me out, then the cleaning, and the whole time the nice lady is all like “You need to floss!” and “If you came here more than once every 5 years it would not be so bad!” And I am all like “mughuershaughrah” because she has a big sharp thing that is scrapping the outer layers of my teeth off jammed in my mouth.

It only took about 25 minutes, and I hated every second of it. The big sucker thing that feels like it is going to pull my lungs out of my chest, the gritty feeling, the taste of metal and blood. Yeah it was bad. I wanted to cry. Rae was playing with books and dolls and talking with anyone who would say hello. (So, everyone because she is too cute!)

What is it about the dentist that makes people (maybe just me) feel so exposed? Yeah the lie that you floss every day does not work. I can’t help but feel that they know I brushed really extra good just five minutes before getting there so they wouldn’t think my mouth was some nasty thing that never gets cleaned, never mind the fact that I go to bed at least once a week without brushing. I hate the dentist. I hate the fear that I am the one they talk about after hours “oh yeah we had a bad one today! She was about to cry, and it was nasty in there!” Yeah, and then the gal cleaning my teeth is trying to be nice and helpful, but the truth is I hate floss almost as much as I hate the dentist.

But I made it out okay! I didn’t cry or move too much and my teeth hurt but they also feel really clean, and I love that feeling! Right now they just hurt. Then I see the actual dentist, and he lightly pokes at stuff and says “well, I have already seen your X-rays and you have a good sized cavity between two teeth, you know floss. . . .” I cut him off right there; I don’t need to hear about floss, I need a moment to panic! I need a moment to think of something to say to get out of him filling. I got nothing.

I hate to get cavities filled. I have had two, well three but one was in a baby tooth and they just pulled that tooth out, half the tooth was gone it was so bad but I never felt the cavity. Anyway I don’t recall much about the first one getting fixed, and the second one this dentist did. I have to say he did a great job. But I have a fear of that numbing stuff they stick you with. I hate shoots and I don’t care what anyone says that stuff only makes me hurt more. So he fixed it without the numbing stuff, it was a nice small cavity took like 5 minutes and felt fine. This cavity is bigger and between teeth, he does not think he can fix it without the numbing stuff. I hate the dentist.

Then it was time to set up the next appointment, he was very cool by not telling Rae that I had a cavity, I didn’t want the kids to know. I had to break the news to them the right way. So I let them all know on our way home from school. I tell them that they did great today, and their teeth are nice and healthy but mommy has to go back because I don’t floss. (Hey if anyone is going to give anyone a guilt trip it is going to be me to my kids. . .got it dentists of the world?!) They gave the normal response, “can we have ice-cream?” And I thought it was all good.

We got home; I chatted with T-rex, and got Lilly set to do her homework when she busted out “Hey daddy! Mommy has a cavity!” She told on me! She giggled and smiled, and said she was going to get me in trouble for not telling him the bad thing that happened to me today. That is a lot like what happened to her yesterday when she got in trouble at school and her teacher called me before she told me what happened. She got in trouble for not telling me what happened right way. I think she is getting too smart for her own good. Or maybe for my good!

I go in Monday to get my poor tooth fixed, and maybe some more advice on floss and getting wisdom teeth taken out, but that is a whine for another time.


suz said...

Sonicare electric toothbrush. It almost flosses for you. And no more bleeding gums. And you're braver than me; I haven't been to the dentist in years.

Heather Lynn said...

So I'm a new follower with a husband soon headed to the Academy, recently out of the USMC. So excited to read more about you!!

I have to say I'm terrified of the dentist, like I have to be on medication I'm so terrified. I haven't been in years (like 5 of them) and I'm about to have a new appointment. My heart breaks for you as I'm sure it soon will for myself.

Good luck with the filling!!

Mad Jack said...

Like Suz said, Sonicare. It makes a huge difference. Also start using Listerine mouthwash.

I'm phobic about visits to the dentist. The answer is an understanding dentist and - drugs! Use xanax, and if that isn't enough have them give you Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas, or NOS). You'll do fine and after a while the visits get easier.