Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh look at that. . .

So, T-rex and I are on vacation (or were because I wouldn’t post that we ARE gone when we are gone, because that is just not too smart). It is great out in Oklahoma where we are. I love the air, the trees, and the water! Everything out here is so nice. But I have noticed that there are a few big differences in T-tex and I.

Driving the million hours to get here was a pain to say the least. Maybe it was more for me because I was just a passenger? I don’t know. I do know that about 3 hours into it I was ready to pass out. But before I could close my eyes and fall into dream land T-rex points out the window and laughs “do you see that?” my questioning look was meet with “that cow is pooping!”

Yes, um, how do you respond to that? My biggest question was how could he spot the one cow out of a hundred taking a dump? How could he see this going 70 miles an hour down the road and still keep us on the road?!

And that is where the cop in him came out and we had to have the cop driving talk again. He says stuff about his training and he is a good driver, and I could just relax. But I think I got him this time! Although he is trained to be a great driver or to cop drive which is code for drive like an idiot! I was not trained to deal with him driving like a cop (idiot). Maybe now he will drive more like a normal person and stop trying to take turns at full speed. I don’t think so but it is worth the effort.

We made it to our location just fine. It is great out here the water is just feet away. I can sit at the back porch and look over to see the fish jump. I love it. I told T-rex this is the kind of place where I would write a book, or read a book and drink coffee on the steps. It is so peaceful. He said “this is the kind of place where I would need a GHR 9,000 with bird killing ammo and a flashlight, and a laser! (Okay I may have added to that, but that is about what he said).

I see nice water, great trees, and fresh air. T-rex sees snacks, robbers, and other threats (that may or may not be real). So even though he has put the cop in him away for vacation, he still has a lot of cop in him. Or maybe it is just a case of boys and their toys? No matter I give up.

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