Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chocolate bunnies and pink eggs

What a strange way to celebrate a man coming back from the dead. But, those are thoughts for another day.

Yesterday the kids had the community Easter egg hunt. They did great and have a blast.

Rae was so cute. At only 3 years old she is already learning to play nice. It was a great change from last year. Not that my child was a mean nasty one, but gosh some parents get far too competitive. When it was time to run around the park and get eggs Rae ran out (after I told her too) And went right to a big pink egg, then she smiled at me and . . . . . nothing. I smiled and laughed. It was great. She ran around and got a few more eggs, left some for the other kids and moved on. She was polite and nice. Until another girl and Rae spied the same egg at the same time. Rae ran out and got it first, which would have been great and fine, until Rae gave this nasty “I won” look to the other girl. I made Rae give the other the egg. She didn’t want to look for eggs after that. I felt so bad. T-rex said I should let her win sometimes too. I just didn’t like the nasty look.

All the girls did very well. Dino made me smile when she saw a boy from her class and gave him an egg.

And today, the big Easter Day, T-rex works. Well he worked yesterday too. He works everyday that I want to do something. I guess that is that nature of the job, or some other “just deal with it” saying.

But it stinks when I am trying to get dinner for everyone, I mean EVERYONE! My mom, dad, sisters, their children (one each a boy and girl only a few days apart!!! So cute!!) oh and my sisters husbands all come over for a big family meal, and it was GREAT! Only my husband is missing. Then he calls “I will be late, something came up.” Then he does get here, about the time everyone is ready to go home. He did get to watch the kids look for their eggs, and he got to eat some food and it was great. Everyone went home and I thought I would have a moment to talk with him. But the moment he gets his drink he hears something over the radio and he starts to RUN out the door.

I don’t want to put cops down or anything, but he is more likely to run for coffee than anything else. So I know this has to be big, and my Easter Day is over.

I don’t usually feel like the black sheep (okay most of the time in my family I do, but eh lets go with this) But seeing my sisters with their husbands, and my parents together made me feel left out. You would think I would be used to this by now! Yet it really bugged me yesterday when we got together at my sister’s house and I was going crazy with my three children. Maybe because this is the first big holiday where my youngest sister had her husband with her and I didn’t have mine, although her husband has been there before he wasn’t her husband then. . . Oh I can go into all kinds of psychological thinking here but basically it stunk.

Then today when we were at my house and T-rex had the chance to show up, I was still alone. I guess that also was a pain. I mean it is great that he can, maybe, might, be able to stop in for a bite to eat. Yet, it also stinks more when he can’t now. At least when he was in the jail I knew to never hope he could stop by. . . sometimes emotionally I think that is better. But then again I love seeing him.  Who else could I share a chocolate bunny with?


suz said...

For several years early in our marriage, BH worked shifts with rotating days off, so I learned to be flexible about holidays. I don't know how I'd have coped if I'd been allowed to hope he might show up. It must feel like a roller-coaster ride. Sure, I guess you have to "just deal with it," but that doesn't mean it doesn't SUCK sometimes!

Yellow said...

Thank you Suz!!! That is just about it. Sure I will deal and cope, and whatever else they add in there, but it stinks and I don't like it and sometimes I want to whine about it!!!! Most of the time it is all good.

Helene said...

Ugh, that does suck and I can totally understand why, even though you expect it since you're used to it, it doesn't stop it from bugging you. Esp when you're around family and everyone has their partner with them but you.