Monday, April 4, 2011

So. . .yeah

Well, I have not written much. But that is how police life and well life goes in a small town. Nothing happens for weeks, months, or longer, then all at once life takes a big dump on ya. Then when the Dump happens there is no time to write, let alone think things out. You just jump on auto and go with it.

T-rex has been busy working for the county and the city. He just changed shift to the middle one. I think I like this shift the most, at least I feel like I get to see him some, and I don’t have to go to bed at 9! He hates it.

The other day he was working the city, county guys called him out. So he was the city guy going out to deal with some county business. I worry that he should not do that. He says he was needed and that is the end of that. I love him for that.

The kids are doing great at school. They got their report cards. Dino talks too much in school. Lilly has improved in some areas and went down in others, but staying strong and passing everything.

Rae got into the good preschool! She will go next year. For me this is a big thing, there are only three preschools to pick from in this town, one is Head Start, and no matter how great the program is it is not a great place to go in a small town.

I am thinking of starting a “support group” or something of the kind like NPWA locally here in town. I just have yet to have the time to really sit down and plan it all out. Maybe after we get back from vacation.

Oh yes! We are going on vacation! T-rex took some time off and we are going to go down and see his grandparents in the next few weeks. It is going to be so nice to get out of town. I don’t think we have gone on a vacation for a few years. I know we have not gone since T-rex has been back from the academy.

To think he has only been on the road for 5 months, it sure feels a lot longer than that. Maybe all the years in the jail have helped. This just seems like life now, and maybe that is why I don’t have a lot to write about.

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