Monday, April 18, 2011

We had a cop’s Birthday. . .

With doughnut cake and all! Well, not really but it was cake, with glaze and it was shaped like a very big doughnut. Lilly said we had to get it for him, so we did.

Fire codes prevented us from putting up the bonfire that would have been the candles on the cake.

Gifts were less cop like than years before. They included a screwdriver set, a tool box with a lock (Yes I got the lock too, the kids will never hammer my TV again!), and a fancy knife made out of some bone and some old saw blades or something. He also got to go golf with his cop guys. He said he did not do so well at the golf thing, I said it’s okay because he doesn’t need to hit balls with a stick any time in real life.

Tonight T-rex is going to the midnight release for Mortal Combat. Yep he is going to the town over to sit at the mall with a bunch of teenage boys acting all silly so he can get a game where the whole point is to kill the other person in a “cool bloody” way. Sounds like a great Birth Day for a cop to me.

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