Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ahh Sisters.

Ever have a day where you want to run away? Me neither! One day is just not enough.

In the last week my children have been the ones more likely to put ammo in the dryer than that husband.

Yester day cleaning out the van I put everything that needed to go inside on the grass and told the kids to put it inside. After saying it (or yelling it) a million times they were almost done.

Dino was coming back inside with the last of it. I asked if she got everything. She was holding a boot and a paper. She said “everything but that toy” I told her to go back and get it so we can be done. She argued with me that her hands were full. Don’t forget she had ONE boot and a paper in her hand. I got mad and said no they are not now get the toy!

She then took out a sock, a paper, another toy, and a hair band from the boot. She had the look of “I told you so.”

Guess who had to bring in EVERYTHING and not drop any of it . . . . Guess who did it!

Today at the Library it was Rae’s library time, the other two had to sit still and not bug the preschoolers. They did okay, until Rae got a book mark at the end of it. Then I had a 7 year old and 5 year old start to whine. If that was not bad enough as soon as I get them to stop Rae falls to the ground whining because she didn’t get a sticker too.

This week alone they have flooded the bathroom, twice, both of them, gotten into paint twice, drew and the wall (a star that they blamed on the 3 year old who can’t even make a straight line.) duped out a toy box, and got food stuck to EVERYTHING.

Oh and then there is the fighting. Almost none stop unless they are all mad at me, then they play nice.

Yet all of this has made me miss my sisters. My two younger sisters and I are going to go on a long weekend vacation in October. I wish we could do it sooner. I miss them. When I talked to them they were like “yeah but you were mean when were kids.” And I was all like “yeah.” So I don’t care if we come back from vacation and never want to talk to each other again. I know we will always be good friends and sisters. I also just want to check with them and see if this kind of crazy stuff is normal.

And the Quote of the week:

“Rae is having a hard time picking up, so I am going to have her pick up what she can, and then I will pick up what I can.” Dino

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