Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Cop's Date

T-rex and I got to go on a date last night. Transformers 3D. His whole shift was there, the PD’s shift was there, and the Emergency management guy was there. I guess to get the full picture you have to understand our town. We have one movie theater, with one screen, that is it. Prices are cheap and it is run by volunteers, we can get a large bucket of popcorn and two drinks for 7 bucks! I love it. But there is only one movie at a time. They do a good job at getting a good movie in. I love it.

You also have to understand our departments. There are 3 guys to a day, on each department. They make up that “shift.” They also change days they are working. So T-rex always works with the same guys. They have every other weekend off, every other Wednesday and Thursday off. It is the same for the Police Department. Every 6 weeks the guys change, so it is something like this: T-rex on days, Popeye on mids, and D on nights. After 6 weeks T-rex will be on mids, Popeye will be on Nights and D will be on Days. Same kind of thing for the PD only they change like every 4 weeks or something. We also have one emergency management guy, he is the one who lets us know that tornados are going to hit, and what to do when that happens.

So every officer who had the day off was at the theater. One guy even took the day off to go. We had literally half the police force sitting at the movie. Everyone made a point of telling us how the town was going to burn down. Everyone turned off their phones. When the movie was over all the guys got together outside to check their phones. . . oh just weather alerts. Good thing the emergency management guy was on it!

We had a great time, and it was good to see all the guys T-rex works with. If you have seen the other Transformers I say go out and see this one too, it was good. T-rex loved it!

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MONICA-LnP said...

wow that is crazy,my hubs dept is huge huge!glad you enjoyed the movie, we are going this weekend,tix 6 bucks a piece(and that only cause we are going before 6pm),popcorn,drinks humm about 30$$!