Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

Like most holidays T-rex is working. Even worse he is on nights. I really don’t care much.

Well that is not totally true. I do care. I wish he could be home, and I will still have the kids make him some silly cards, and I will still try to cook him something he loves for dinner. But out of all the holidays this and mother’s day have to rank the lowest.

You see when I was 9 months Pregnant with Lilly (okay maybe not right at 9 months but WAY past the ohh having a baby is so cute stage) There was Mother’s day. And I wanted so bad to be DONE, to be a mom and get on with this thing. But my friends and family reminded me that I was not a mom yet. It hurt and I was emotional and all that stuff. But then Lilly got born and T-rex got a father’s day before I got a mother’s day.

I know it was dumb but I wanted a mother’s day. And then almost a year later I got one, and it was dumb. I am sure T-rex was working or something, and even if he wasn’t he is not the kind of guy to do arts and crafts with a kid. . with anyone. I didn’t get my little hand in plaster and I didn’t care. I just wish someone would have taken the kid that was the reason I got to be a mother.

I didn’t feel extra Motherly. I felt like taking a nap. Fast forward 7 years T-rex is getting his 7th Father’s day, and it is still just a day.

Even if the day is not that big of a deal, the Father rocks! T-rex is easily one of the best dads in the world. You know second only to my Dad.
 I love you Dad! I love you T-rex!

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