Sunday, July 24, 2011

Idiots Happen

Yesterday I was talking to T-rex’s mom.  I was telling her how t-rex was going to be in this little town at 6 when he got off work so he could pick up and bring home food from a great restaurant at 6 when they open. The town is about 20 minutes away and the guys get to bring their trucks home. So he was just going to stop charging the S.O. for time at 6 like normal pick up the food and drive right home.  It was not a busy day and he was not likely to get called out to anything.

But he was late.  Very late. Every few minutes when I was talking to T-rex’s mom I told her he was late. I guess it really was starting to get to me.  She said I should I call him, she was sick of me whining.  I told her my crazy reason for never calling when he is late.  She said to just call him.  I did call him. I ended up calling both phones he has, he didn’t pick up. Yes, let the panic set it!  It was past 7, he should have been home at like 6:30. Something happened.  I was a worried mess, it does not help that the road to that town freaks me out. 

It took him a whole 5 minutes or more to call me back.  All he said for himself was “Idiots Happen.” Turns out that on his drive home some well known clients stopped him on the side of the highway drunk beyond reason and said they needed a ride into town.  Then he started to tell me the technical stuff like how he dealt with it and calling someone on duty and blah blah, but because he was in his work truck and in uniform he had to stop and help.  And he couldn’t pick up the phone because he was telling the new officer what was going on.

When he did get home 15 minutes later he said this was bound to happen, we tried to cheat the system to get food home.  not that what he did was all that bad, we have seen the guys stop to get milk if they live out of town, or run a simple errand if they have time. It is not that big of a deal. But T-rex has always made sure he is out of uniform as soon as he can be, and the one time he plans something, he gets work to do.  He said he couldn’t bring himself to change the S.O. for it.  Karma I guess, although not really.  I mean Idiots are going to happen, and in his line of work idiots happen alot, and in our small town idiots seem to be able to find us.  But whatever.

Do your husbands’ come home in uniform, or with their patrol car?  Do they ever stop to get milk on the way home?  Is it really that strange that T-rex did this? He is able to be in any town in our county when working, so stopping work and driving right home wasn’t like he was adding more miles or using the car to run a lot of errands or anything. 


Covering Blue said...

Our police service isn't allowed to wear their uniforms off-duty at all so Blue changes out of his uniform at the station and then comes home in plain clothes. I'm pretty sure this is the norm for larger cities. Sometimes I wish that he wore his uniform home (wink wink) but then all of our neighbours would know that we're a police family...

Yellow said...

T-rex loves your comment Covering Blue, he says "I love how whenever you talk about me it can get perverted. . .awesome!" Not sure I agree with him but yeah the uniform at home is nice, but at times I wish he could change and stuff at the station. Save me some of the cop junk that is always at home!