Friday, July 15, 2011

A year Ago

It was one year ago that I posted my first post in the blog world. I thought that I would, ya know, write something deep and profound. I have not. I have had fun instead! I have loved getting to know other police wives. I have really liked making fun of T-rex ;)

A lot has changed in just one year. Last year at this time T-rex was gone for his 6 months of training. We were new to the whole being a deputy thing, now it is old news. He knows his job now, and I know most of what to expect. . . .Which is don’t have any expectations.

I remember the first time he put on his uniform for work. Just so you know he still looks as hot as ever all dressed up. I wish I could say that all the fears went away, but just like the giddy feeling when he is dressed and ready to go it stayed.

I still worry that he is going to get hurt at work, I still stress when I don’t see him, and I still hate the fact that I don’t get to have dinner with him every night. I guess some things don’t really change. Yet, I don’t worry or stress near as much as I once did. I have learned to just let go of that and keep going.

I wish I knew what helped get past some of the silly worry. Just time I guess. Time has changed a lot. The department he works for has dealt with a lot of changes the last year, our family has too. I have worked, gone to school, stayed home with the kids, and held down the fort. Still we are growing also.

As long as we keep learning, and keep going forward I think we are doing great. Still it is nice to look back on the year and laugh at some of the silly things that happened, some of the silly things I have stressed about. And just enjoy that this year T-rex is home.

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Happy Blogaversary!