Monday, July 4, 2011

Here let me share my husband with you and your family.

T-rex had to work the day our town did the fireworks. He pulled 15 hours, gone from his family again. He spent his celebration time chasing cows, dealing with drug dealers, warrants and everything else. Still he was able to stop by where we were sitting to say hello before the fireworks started. Even in that moment he was my husband second and a cop first.

When a “civilian” stopped him with a question he had to stop being husband and father and be cop. The switch was so fast. He was cool and sexy and professional. I was left in the background. The whole time I was ready to cry. The person talking to him just kept on talking without a thought that this was the only time I would have a minute to see my husband all day. They didn’t care that it was rare for us to have a chance to see each other, it never occurs to other people that his job takes him to places where it’s posted “extreme danger: Stay Back!” That I worry even if it is something silly. That I go days without seeing him at all. He got a call on his radio and was gone before I could say goodbye.

He spends his days going to solve and help the issues of other families. We stay back until he can be dad and husband again. Out in public people only see his uniform. He is only a cop, nothing else to them. I see a father and a husband, the man I love. Still I have to share him.

In our small town everyone knows who the cops are, so even if he is out of uniform he is a cop to everyone in town. People don’t see the father, or the husband, they only see the cop. It is sad to be second at times, and yet it makes me so proud. No one sees it but, he is my husband!

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Slamdunk said...

I hope he builds his vacation time up quickly.

One perk of being an officer in the big city and avoiding a shift that covered my residence--I was able to enjoy some bit of blending in with the crowd...