Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why T-rex will stay in the basement from now on.

T-rex and I have this grill we have been trying to sale. In a last ditch effort I put it online, really cheap just to get the thing out of here. We got one call on it. The girl really sounded like she wanted it. T-rex said he would hold it for her. She came to get it today. It went something like this:

Nice Lady: “Hi! I am just going to run and get some cash, this is a really nice grill!”

T-rex: “Oh that sounds great. . . .um. . .” (He is looking her over, and she is looking him over.)

Nice Lady: “Do I know you from somewhere?”

T-rex: “I was thinking the same thing. . . .. I work for the Sheriff’s department.”

Nice Lady: (stomps foot, hand on the hips) “You pulled me over! Last week you pulled me over!”
T-rex: (Look of doom) “Um yeah, on 40?. . . . Hey I gave you a warning!!!” (Some how that made everything better.)

Everyone then laughed as the nice lady just had a look of shock on her face saying “you pulled me over!” often. T-rex was very red in the face. It takes a lot to shake the man, but I don’t think he saw this one coming.

I told him he might want to give out a few more warnings, if that is what saved his butt. Or saved the sale. Still left him red faced. I think it might be best if he stay in the basement until we know he has not pulled our guests over.

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